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1.38.0 dla Android
cze 09, 2020

Dawn of Titans is a free mobile real-time strategy game where you play the ruler of a fantasy kingdom. In addition to the ordinary soldiers at your service, you may be able to call the whole regiment services through a powerful Titan, a giant monster squad. Use different skills of the soldiers and titanium you will be able to overcome their enemies.


  • It offers a high-quality graphics console. To create the state and fight enemies in this 3D fantasy world. Well, as the families of the collision.
  • The land dominates with heavy titans. Now, this is equipped with special equipment for Titans and victims of deadly PvP combat.
  • It offers real-time combat control. You fought thousands of soldiers under direct control.
  • The game offers non-stop new events and campaigns without gaming enthusiasm. To test daily exploration of expeditions and joint events.
  • Make an invaluable connection yourself. You can still dominate your friends' apps in other states with the chat feature.
  • Make yourself a specific position. Now take the enemy to the public to fight with the rise of their country and world rankings.
  • The Titan's Rise is not compatible with the Samsung tab. The game does not start. It takes a lot of time at their titans level. If you have many titans, assume all of the above one level, for a long time.

Data connection required to play.

To prevent "Google Play settings menu or select a PIN" Create a PIN and use the option to change to unauthorized purchases on Active "option PIN." You must enter your PIN before each transaction.

Tap and swipe your way to victory

Dawn of Titans through a very similar bridge to most mobile RTS game. Unlike many, however, it is the average dose of the strategy. Soldiers mostly auto-attack, but you can switch to a call destination or tell them specific skills somewhere between a casual tapfest and games. That's enough, but not so much that you need to set aside an hour of tactical depth to keep you interested in playing it. The graphics are detailed and rich, making them look stylish fantasy, especially with titanium and character designs. Free-to-play elements can be frustrating, though with their position and expanding all the new Titans for its army can randomly pack a lot of blind elements.

Take command of your Titan

Not a game like RTS and a certain amount of FTP elements, and for the Crows, then the Titans Climb is a solid, picturesque experience. 

Co nowego

  • The Age of Prestige is here, unlock new PRESTIGE SKILLS for EVERY 4-STAR Titan*
  • New summer Titan and Relic content, including more INVOKERs
  • Improvements to Invoker system and skills
  • Multiple bug fixes, including bug that duplicated Invoker skills in battle
Titan Prestige will be rolling out in stages throughout June, please visit blog.dawnoftitans.com for more details.