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sie 06, 2020

So you can do more, whether the job brings you a big company or a small business slack team involves communication and collaboration in one place. Hook and stop interviewing, tools and information to help the right people make progress together in your project. Available on any device, so you can find and you can go to your desk or with your team and your work.

What sometimes happens is that the user made an error during the third-party sites and analyzed the APK files from the market, install "errors" or "package when analyzing errors". It's one thing to worry. You can use the Google Official Method Play Store for quiet loading below.

Yess friends! Slack application free and also priced: Basic and Premium versions. You can use this method if you do not want to download the APK file from other third party sources. In this method, we look at how to download the Slack app for Android with the Google Play Store.

Connecting team

If you are thinking about using messaging business applications, the first thing Skype can look like in your head. And who can blame? For years, such Skype-Two programs, if a company has immediate communication needs. However, strong contenders can be taken into consideration. With this app, collaboration can be as simple as having them online.

Slack is designed to provide instant communication. The virtual office team has to work to bring the messaging task together. Loosening communications come with channels marked with hashtags. These channels may be either private or public. Public channels communicate sources that can reach all members while private channels are only open to the team members added by the channel's manufacturer. Users can select and organize each day that comes to a team, topic or every channel in mind. If you want to send a sensitive or private message, you can use a direct message function.

Slack stores all conversation threads, so you can discuss the theme first. This feature history allows easy scroll of new channels to be discussed by members of the catch. More An intuitive search history feature of the app is that you can direct messages and public service broadcasters you are looking for through private channels.

Team members and left channel as long as they want in connection with the email chain opposition. In addition, content, even if SieFormal has left a channel or just stores for the future.

Use Slack to:

  • For, calculate your work, organize your conversations with your team and communicate with the subject, project or anything
  • Send a call to any person or group on your team or
  • Share and edit documents and slack work with the right people
  • Tools including your workflow and services that you already use integrated Google Drive, Salesforce, Dropbox, Approach, Twitter, Zendesk and more
  • Support Central knowledge is easy on looking for, automatically indexed and archived in the past, discussions and files your teams
  • So consider your adaptation to what focuses on adaptation

Being scientifically proven (or at least on the rumors) make your work life easier and more enjoyable and productive. We hope you dilute an effort.

Other uses:

It's cool to use amazing.

  • Efficient communication with your team. In addition to hands-on topics, projects and any other way.
  • Call and send messages to each member of their team.
  • Document to collaborate with other users sharing for better communication with your team. 

Applications can be easily integrated into other after application.

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Meeting
  • Twitter
  • Zendesk


  • Users are not happy about the fact that the app creator's work "has been removed."
  • Applications often think they start it as a separate crash.

More than Instant Messaging

Slack is a cozy place for teams to gather businesses, but the app does more than messaging. It comes with a video and voice call feature that allows you to connect to a video conference and start a specific channel with starting members. If they have offshore face-to-face conversations with other members of your team this is your chance.

Remote teams are also involved in chatting with Slack calls, so you can share your screen throughout the conference. It helps to ensure you communicate complex ideas in every way I have on the same page. However, videos are not available in the video version in the free version.

Additionally, you can share documents with your channel Quiet. It comes with drag and drop feature for easy file sharing. To find your folders on the message field, you can scroll to the plus sign. Even if you can add your files you want a message. Click on the channels in a file that can be opened or downloaded.

Slack also allows a lot of third-party integration, including how Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Trello and OneDrive work. You can easily send and share a link message in the Paste Files file in the Companies box as a general message. Each time rich snippets apply, if you create a link, enter a preview of the files on sharing your channel. You can also click the plus icon to import third-party app files by selecting the files stored in your cloud service.

Since the history of all conversations archives, you may find all documents more frequent. Slack also takes more than industry-standard security. It comes with data encryption and other security measures to protect your conversations and documents from potential hackers.

Streamlined and intuitive

Retail is another great plus for its interface. It is very easy to build off the system to explain a few things complex key cut costs rationalize while you use the normal messenger. The program is very soft and modern with casual playfulness that promotes easy communication.

More so, the app gives you your information to fine-tune. You can only send alerts when specific keywords or when sent by private message are set to mention your information. There are several options when it comes to the notifications app. You also see the included apps to balance the fun instructions.

Slack provides a way to reduce the use of proper internal e-mail. In fact, claim that 48.6% average reduce user emails, creators who will certainly see if you save roll emails from different members. He added that, if the Slack team doesn't have enough to answer your questions quickly, then you have to support customer service for a long time with unanswered questions.

Picking Up the Slack

The bottom line is that calm base camps and postures, which is a great application as workstations can provide teams. So feature-rich application is probably all you need for your company's needs. These terrible communication problems have been confronted by modern offices to win. This integration gives you the ability to add more features that can help you in your product. And with its highly intuitive design, you can reduce the time your team gets issued to get the application. Plus, you can download the app for free. So if you own a small business or just get started building a slim help program can give you the right channel for success.

User Reviews

User 1: Very good, but I was recently forced to exit the app to get my direct message load on it. I'm going to interrupt my intervention without seeing the instruction here, but new messages. Very annoying.

User 2: Silly nonsense is silly, nuisance, and I have to use this app to work. Communication is ideal for this particular project and is extremely demanding (booting means "is a protocol that should be followed "to find all interactions and knowledge"), but "answer all" on information (once). E-mail conversations can be annoying (which is not entirely the point of boredom). Also, maybe it's my corporate security policies, but leaves me randomly delayed and logged back into trouble.

User 3: This app is quite impossible to use for reading data than other Android phones. I have it on your PC, where it is almost useful. In an article on Terms of Use, until the end you are called a Note: You can view mobile apps on a quiet post, but you can make the desktop and skin-related, they need to be used for editing. This is why the amount of this application is about. Not for use on the phone. Try going to work and how to use it for 3 hours without results. You do not have documentation but calls.

Co nowego

New: For something you’ve read but need to come back to later, you can now mark a thread as unread. Long-press on the message you’d like to start from, and then select the option to mark unread from the menu. Yes, you’ve been able to do it with channel messages for a long time, but now, you can do it in threads too. Useful!