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paź 09, 2019

Boom Beach is a real-time strategy game developed by the supercell popular, Conflict Creator (Sets). Is.

Fight in the epic battle against the evil villain. Take your enemy Expeditionary Force to attack the beautiful paradise islands, and discover the secrets of this tropical paradise. Fight free slave islanders and unknown archipelago to find every nook and cranny. The ancient forces race on the islands used in the fight are hidden.

The gameplay is very similar to struggling families: the players' agreement on its own island and attacking enemy island beaches will be based on a number of awards, based on their own making. Boom Beach You can fight other players through the Internet. You just have to get to the attack on the island and try to overcome their defenses with his soldiers.

Boom Beach, players will find more than ten different types of different attack units on buildings and defensive. They can be added in different ways to achieve the best balance between attack and defense.

Strategic and Supercell style game download Boom Beach is a free internet. The game and game and play required. However, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this function, set the protection for purchases on in the Password Settings app on your Google Play Store.


  • Hundreds of other players raid millions of enemy targets to destroy the game
  • Update your base for controlling valuable resources against enemy attacks
  • Explore a vast tropical archipelago and discover the mysterious power of life particles.
  • Bosses cheat and expose their scary plans scary
  • A very laborious task force is to create other players to carry on cooperative missions


  • Simple gameplay and control
  • Better graphics and details
  • Short construction
  • Good management unit


  • A social networking feature
  • Those boring and repetitive sounds

Playing Tips

The likely times to play this game without diamonds are the players read tips and tricks. First, focusing on the vault or storage is an important thing. Since equipment vault frequently update vault storage and needs a great deal of protection against enemies. Second, the center is not too sharp on improvement. Improve Experience Point Central Needs. Just update the Gold product, wood, and vault EP, update.

Then select the best soldiers. Be careful and know the way each team works. See also Health, Smoking, and Damage. With the best troop weapons, the chosen soldiers and the skills for strategy and time management, it makes you gain powerful combat. 

Co nowego

What is arriving in Boom Beach in this update:
  • Warships Season 4
  • New Warship Troop - Seeker
  • Warship Leaderboard Trophy
  • Admiral’s Key which unlocks all headquarters level requirements in your warship tech tree for that season
  • Shard Conversion
  • Over 1000 New Imitation Game Bases
  • Video tab to showcase the Boom Tubers!
  • Larger health bar for heroes
  • Task Force Tag is easier to share
  • Various other small bug fixes and improvements