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kwi 21, 2020

Clash Royale is a strategy game and combines card games. If you are familiar with clans clash, you will also be able to meet the characters themselves in your favorite game! Royal, you will depend on the strength of your cards and the hope that they will take on the enemy in a war map.

Clash Royale is a freemium mobile strategy game developed by Royal Supercell. Trading card game combines tower defense and multiplayer game online game elements.

Clash Royale is used in different game units using two lanes down the lane. Two-to-two mini-palaces or guides, guarding the main palace. Who wins to destroy the main castle round. The strategic aspect of the game is simple: they are used as a charge nectar meter units.

Unloading and flying soldiers and even egg units of land, which will execute different units of nectar at different costs. They are determined with 8 different units, a strategy focused on each unit's mind and allow positioning at the right time.

2 / Each round takes 3 minutes. It takes time for dual players around the world and their profits. Earn rewards for unlocked chests. Collect powerful new maps and updates from the first. Destroyed anti-twin towers. Win Crown. Share a clan form of cards and create your own fighting community. Personal Dual Challenge Your Friends and Clanmates.

What's wrong?

Your main goal can be because you have to collect as many crowns here in the Royal conflict. To do this, you need a combination of magic and destroy your enemies with special attacks with a deck of cards in their hands. But Clash of Clans players will represent each of the card characters displayed happy to know the characters of the card. For those who do not play, each character will be familiar with the Royal concern because the conflict is appropriate and no need for their respective abilities.

You must destroy a certain number of crowns, personal towers back in each game. If you can get to the bottom of where they are said to be more King Towers than a Crown Towers Princess Towers If you play your card right, you have to destroy two towers second! Although defense and attack are the only thing you should worry about because you have to destroy the towers within a time. To be exact, only 3 minutes! There are power-ups that can prolong the game a bit, but that's it.

Fun on the field

Clash of Royalties, mechanics, and gameplay is not one of the two games such as Clash of Sisters game, similar design, and graphics. It's all about the colors and cartoons, but they do not feel childish that can be used for adult players. With that said, now a good quality of this game can be appreciated on the big screen! Tencent Gaming Buddy allows you to play Royal battles for your computer.

Just a lot of fun

Casual games from the collision map can be relaxed to play. It must either meet the challenge of using together, they do not fit the player's mix of other things. The game is not ideal because the gameplay is very demanding for children. The card conflict may repeat itself, but never if you stop at a high level to jump fun. 

Co nowego

  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements.