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sie 06, 2020

WhatsApp Business has been an independent unit of WhatsApp client executives. Its mission is to manage various aspects of your business account so customers get in touch with your company via WhatsApp chat. The only requirement is that you register the official WhatsApp business status to win.

WhatsApp allows companies to trade users on WhatsApp. This is to help devolving around the world. You become more efficient with your customers and communicate to help grow your business. A different personal and business number is WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business on mobile phones.

WhatsApp business was mainly held with companies in mind. It was developed below were a unique service to offer customers. Provide modern companies with a way to differentiate themselves in the market.

Main Features

Some of the characteristics are as follows.

  • Crate's business customers find valuable information, such as business profile and website information.
  • Create more engaging messages for their customers as a closed message when the user is not available.
  • Users can also do either landline or Whatsapp business with a certain number. Your customers can get a message with a single number. Enter the validation process, users need to select the "Call me" option, and address on the phone.
  • With WhatsApp Web Function, the user can quickly access the functionality of the computer browser and its customers.
  • WhatsApp deal was sought by popularity and time due to global reach. Huge internet company around the world easy to reach long-distance customers without paying extra fees. Customers do not want today or call a business e-mail - they want to send a message. And because customers want WhatsApp Messenger, their company.

Additionally features

Company Profile

Business Profile WhatsApp-Company develops its customers with additional information to provide. Find it, work or place your business so people can find you on your store or Google Maps. You can also include a short description of your business category, your e-mail address is not a business. The app also provides a place for opening. For more information on the official website.

Messaging tools

  • Send greetings to your customers that you admire them and provide them with useful information if they have a telephone number that looks like an answer call is needed immediately to be greeted.
  • Away: They were ready to give their customers an automated response to them, not available to you immediately, but you will soon.
  • Short Answer: Immediate Quick Response: So you can send a general message from the tap "I'm going to take care of them. "
  • You can treat a business or consumer's own online WhatsApp companies more carefully treated by customers. Business Application and Facebook Page Manager WhatsApp business like oDesk, PayPal, Skype for Limp. If you want to write a review, set this application and rate it on our website.

Landline / fixed number support

You can use WhatsApp Business with a landline (or fixed) phone number and our customers can use the message on this number. During the review, select the option "Call me" , the option will receive more than one code call.

Involved in both WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business

You can use both WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger on a single phone, but each application must have its own unique telephone number.

WhatsApp Web

He directs you to respond to your customers efficiently and from your computer's browser.


  • Profile makes it easy to edit and easily.
  • They can be more than a website address.
  • The messaging feature is useful and knows what boundaries you can do about it.
  • Many operating features that make it easy.


  • Since then, it did not show the statistics section of the number of messages being sent using read, send and receive message messages. Go to Business Analysis Don't forget to use this feature.
  • It is still unclear how this business can be tested so that it may tick the symbol.

Business on WhatsApp is integrated into WhatsApp Messenger and the ability to send group chats, including multimedia more * Free calls, free international messaging *, offline messages and all the features you have.

* Data charges may apply. Contact your provider.

Note: WhatsApp Messenger, restoring your chat in WhatsApp Business, you will now be able to restore back to WhatsApp Messenger. They want to go back, so we recommend that you copy WhatsApp Messenger to your phone on your computer before you start business with WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business Review

You know, it's pretty easy for those who are familiar with the concept of logo and application to start that way. However, there are some different elements and details. As a starter, instead of the usual green logo, the word B in the middle with that logo. Secondly, since then, transfer and business profile programs have been developed for the business, which includes the most commonly used features analytics, automatic answer chat. Has been in. If you have a business, you need to prove yourself as a verified business account rights settings.

When you come to the installation section, you should be able to see two new features for producing statistics and companies. But the actual jewelry section on the editing profiles contains the most important information about your company, category, location, website address (URL), description and email address. Also, the feature preview shows how you view your profile or your customers. It's on Business Edition and not available on WhatsApp Regular Edition. So when these functions are needed you can access business applications.

Another thing about this business WhatsApp for Android can make the message work. You see, when you send is not yet available, to send a message to your customer, it is an automatic response. Later, when you are available, you can use them in conjunction with further discussion. It's nice because it is still professional and doesn't completely leave your clients with abandon. This function can be applied all the time and enabled on all messages. However, they may also have a specific date or time.

User Reviews

User 1: Actions were greater than the original Washington Washington business concluded. However, I don't often think of a ringtone for incoming calls. Second, some messages in real-time. I mean, there was no instruction. But when I open the app running on all the news. I hope you can correct the errors. Thanks

User 2: It was good, but now I have the opening of the app, with which to get some serious questions about how to message. Send not hint or coming on the notification bar. When connecting to the WhatsApp screen on my phone is the WhatsApp Web. So what's the use? Please have a good application with some of these problems as soon as possible, as it will be solved exactly as needed.

User 3: There are two worms, one with voice calls and video calls with this app. Voice call: Most of the time is ringtone, while incoming calls, just vibration. Videotelephony: Sound because of the ringer device (s). Other - this is a hags answer in a video call, while the show is just a black screen. And on-the-go with your Bluetooth headphones. 

Co nowego

  • Create, share, and print QR codes to enable customers to launch a conversation with you. Go to Business tools > Short link > View QR Code to access your QR code.
  • Share your catalog and item links on any digital platform to enable customers to discover your products and services. Go to Business tools > Catalog to learn more.