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Happy Chick Apk

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1.7.9 dla Android
mar 05, 2020

Happy Chick Emulator takes care of your craving for old games. Emulators will be able to play games on your Android from other platforms. Happy Girl is a collection of video games for platforms and generations. You feel like you didn't have some consoles available on the handset, and Tools can play arcade.

Games with Happy Chick Emulator

This app is PlayStation 1, 2 or 3, Nintendo 64, MAME, Nintendo DS, capable of playing PSP, Game Boy game, and practical to any other console on the market. In fact, the best thing about Happy Girl is that you download the game directly from the list. You may be unable to use other tools at the end of the file to work. If you find a long list to complete the quest, you have the option depending on the game. Before you start the download, you can see the platform that is available, always be sure that you know what the right game downloads are. The game Pro Evolution Soccer requires a series of super Mario speed and more. The list of games available is huge.


  • Extensive collection of emulators and ROMs
  • The full quest for the game is available for 10,000 + ROMs and additional downloads 
  • One-click installation and easy-to-use catalogs of ROM 
  • Free high bandwidth download 
  • G netplay via WiFi / Bluetooth / 3 
  • Import / Export Games & Shops

Emulator platform integrated with rich game equipment.

Happy girl emulates all 18 system, some emulators are Fab / Mame / PS as an app, PSP, FC (NES), SFC (SNEC), GBA for GBC, MD, NDS, DC NGP there MAME PLUS, WS. (WSC), PCE ... etc. Additional games will be updated in the future ...

A gamepad happy girl Android smart performance.

Happy Girl, the key assignment game controller compatible with setting free Android devices, just play! Or your operating system, Android, you can set their own button map.

High-Speed ​​Internet.

Users can download cloud service, high speed downloads happy girl, basic support transmission; The compressed package will save your traffic.

Special emulator support online multiplayer.

PSP games and games with friends Happy Girl and support play special emulator record to share your best gaming moments arcade and online multiplayer. And more game updates are ...

Emulator platform integrated with rich classical games.

The classic game "Super Mario" "Street Fighter 97" "Monster Hunter" "Pokémon" "greatly ... all these games will remember your childhood memories.

Played with your friends on a local network.

You know, the office, the school game wherever you are, on a train... The WiFi service on Evan can play without LAN games.

Click at any time and at play, set game download.

Other, fertilizers, petrochemicals are needed after setup in order to customize or not complicate the performance of the original emulators. It's incredibly easy to use.

Support save and configuration.

Fully mode saving support makes it easy to secure the game at any time and synchronize multiple devices to share their game progress.