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3.4.1 dla Android
lip 21, 2020

PES Club Manager was a PES football simulator and more than 25 million users around the world and almost every major team has been updated recently for ease of each league and now finally come to join Borussia Dortmund. In addition, you can enjoy the training mode Looks like such a huge team coach.

Through this game download, you get access to the official players and teams from the winter of the 2016/2017 season. If you want to test or manage their coaching skills and have a professional team that is there to be the best players for your team, team training or even the holder.

Add more fun PES club manager A true football expert can compete against the most yo-yo rival managers and watches. Let them know their abilities as the admin works as teachers improve their players for quality.

Have the best experience with amazing 3D graphics while taking a football game and analyzing the strategy in real-time on the animated 2D screen is just a true professional you can have!

"Pro Evolution Soccer 2019" engine based on the new mobile version

The game was made possible by a new engine, improved graphics, and experience from a 3D perspective. Alternatively, switch to a 2D cutting tactical approach to each game event.

The new engine also requires animations and easy adaptation at the first speed of players! Even more varied is asking all the play and the objective function of the football game in real life has been added.

Official worldwide licenses

  • Europe's official team and league license and popular club in South America, among others.
  • Select over 5,000 licenses of football players in your team product.
  • Beckham is clearly a mark of many legend players including Batistuta Ronaldinho and Zico.

A football management experience from the ground up in strategic sports lovers BB (free to play)

Club Manager is a strategic football game for every sport sponsored by spontaneous business football fans. It can also be easy to play for those who have not yet experienced much with a typical action-oriented football game. Unlike other games to control the club manager as my swizzle award manager in contrast to your reaction time and style. Just like the actual results football management will predict how declining and how high the position appears will determine the flow of any sport in any competition.

Design your team in line with its strategy

  • Adjust each player's training system according to the appropriate instructor's agreement and your own personal preference.
  • 13 new player abilities and four new styles of play will be added to this update.
  • Of course, new players update the abilities and play styles just after the season official time of the players.
  • Each manager has his own philosophy when it comes to football, and this picture of a club manager gives you the full size of your team's independence.
  • Team up with rival world managers in competition with the image of your favorite football tactics.

New Feature "Career Record"

  • New "Career Record" feature, which introduces players and games can develop performance!
  • Players can gain a record number of careers through various experiences throughout the season.
  • Each "career record" "glory" point was difficult to get a certain number, how it is on the ground.
  • "Point of Fame" team while playing a game that provides a high amount of 10 overlay team rating bonuses.
  • Honor Point "with High" "Try to collect career records!" 

Enjoy the league season, at your own pace

Their turnaround season is perfect throughout the league calendar, so only progress if you have time to finish the game. Don't worry about making time to enjoy it at certain times or at the weather at your own pace!

A global standard for the free-to-play football game

A true football craftsman, there is nothing to win compared to the limited team winning the salt assets. As such, no need to worry about limited resources for the long term, winning the league and cup titles earns the best workforce rewards that allow you to significantly improve their team.

This application is free to play online games. Make sure the device is connected to the Internet before you play.

How to play

When you start a game session in the first place, you have to choose a team of your choice to play the game. Striker for group strategy by selecting your favorite team is the key players and team you need, by positioning or hiring people. In addition, you must also set the strength of the team you want to increase and decrease. Shortly thereafter, the game offers a strategy and that comes with it. 

Co nowego

  • Introducing a new player category: Club Icons!
  • The app thumbnail has also been changed to feature German national champions FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN.
  • The update also contains an update for the game's most difficult event - Survival League. Now, beating Lv.5 of the event will reward you with an event exclusive Club Icon player!
Update Contents
  1. Club Icons Added
  2. Survival League event renewal
  3. Trade Scout modified
  4. 2019-20 5th Managers Pass Added
  5. Other minor updates