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wrz 13, 2019

Pokémon Duel is a strategy board game used by Pokémon stats. Create a deck with your favorite data and then jump into the league game! League competes with players from around the world for the chance to enter top league ranking games. You can fight your opponents in real-time. Won duels to get all kinds of cool characters and goods, and strengthen your deck!

The gameplay is very easy to understand. Each character can take a certain number of classes, the goal is to reach the enemy destined position, as soon as possible. To do this, your job is to protect any attack on their opponent, while our lost position and possible ways lead to their defeat class. The two Pokémon are adjacent, they stand against each other according to their stats. Each player has a certain battle deck with his top six Pokémon. In addition, there are some Pokémon special skills that you can use within the game for various effects.

The rules are simple! The goal is to be the first player in your data to target your opponents. Do you reach the target? You must choose your path carefully! In duels, you have to move your data to turn your opponents. Roadblock strategy is all about strategic education and your opponent or easy attack! Your strategy and plan of the cat and mouse to defeat your opponent in this game!

The duels make up 6 Pokemon figures on the deck. Different moves and abilities, with all kinds of information. Keep in mind you build your own deck!

Use your custom deck and artificial! Decide on an artificial trusted partner who can move well and take on their part. Make full use of artificial and destroy your enemies!

Simple strategy

Duel's strategy is simple. The game is easy to see and understand the game. On the other hand, there is also a tutorial in the game, one can learn in terms of detailed beginner help.

Stunning 3D graphics

Developers game 3D is developed using stunning graphics. The 3D information graphics are good enough to create a realistic effect. On the other hand, Pokemon and environmental colors are also interesting to watch.


  • 3D graphics stunning
  • Good sound effects
  • Complete statistics
  • Simple gameplay and control


  • Full of features required real money
  • Get some tips to play

Dual domination has increased, so it will be important for you to know a few tips. Playing tips in this game can be a lot of fun to learn. The first recommendations are the first strategy. To start the game, you start by selecting the starter package star. This strategy would be nice to grab to get the best ability numbers to grab.

Another tip is to build a deck flexible. It will be important to expand and create a good secret. Select individual stats for each deck. Picking strategy, all-information Pokemon is a strong supply of your team of various abilities.


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Party Building and Pokemon Duel Pokemon Stats Play against your friends The purpose of the board is to use your Pokemon stats and move them to the opponent's target area. To win the game you have your opponents achieve their destination!

Choosing six Pokémon for your team is an important part of Pokémon Duel. Each Pokemon will understand that you will have to strategically plan your moves, have different forces and a number of steps. Send your Pokemon with a variety of targets, or block your opponent's Pokemon from progressing.

How to get a rare Pokemon?

The most common way booster rewarded by many battles for victory. But it could be a rare Pokémon, this is rare. Boosters that are purchased by James rarely include Pokemon.

The best opportunity for players to buy a six-pack booster currently costs 300 gems. Players can collect dueling, exploring the ultimate and even going on a daily mission gem. The daily mission is to get at least three missions simple tasks and complete players daily.

How to win? Use the Win strategy.

It is important to know the benefits of each Pokemon. The best battlers are Moltres, Gabite, and Lugia's best runners, Latias, the violent Greninja. Those best rare defenses are Articuno, Wobbuffet, and Aggron. This rare Pokémon should still have better gameplay combined.

For example, players should choose offense Articuno because of the defense of Moltres. Latios, however, must also be adopted, where he emphasizes a strong defense supported by Pokémon, as it cannot be resurrected.

Device limit.

  • Orders can be very difficult for some actions (such as parties) to maintain fairness among players.
  • Requires Android OS version 5.0 or higher for this application. The features available may depend on the OS version of your device.
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