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gru 11, 2019

The game is a free-to-play game with 2D animations. The game is a celebrity Arnold Schwarzenegger's advertising star. In fact, the game alliance is broad-based, builds player, power management, and of course, wars between players. Player upgrades should adapt to soldiers and Their commander and browse weapons and armor cards are found.

The game communicates each player can translate-assist chat. By creating and defending a variety of structures, the players will help the leader reach the top of the board. In addition, at the commander and equipment level customizing all the essential features of the game. The game installed though most war games in this day and age with the same rules.

A number of icons and information will be found on the screen. It is the idea to ever play the currency required for fast operation. This means it takes money in the real world for a spend-the-game currency. Control is, it's more than tap and wait. It was quite confusing the game, lacking a narrative scene. Visual effects are submitted but not interesting. A mess screen present in the classic look of war.

It is only satisfied with the number of information and equipment of the lost soldiers, rewarding the experience of fighting action after a mobile strike for Android. Chat function is the only thing that is interesting. It can send personal messages or share web-links, in addition to chat, players even if it's talking rubbish.


  • Join millions of players worldwide
  • Build powerful alliances with elite players against strong enemies
  • Create and customize your base
  • Evil battle machines in the field to create interaction with you collecting items and battles
  • Train, deliver your commander with aircraft and superior firepower
  • With modern combat vehicles, artillery and tactical units
  • Level Team 16 4 Commands composed of military types


  • However, the screen does not look so attractive, the battle setting has to be real
  • There are many things to adapt to
  • Easy control
  • Chat feature with in-game translation


  • To timer
  • General gameplay

How to play

The following tips will help you to play something simple. The first task is to give a choice. In the game, you will find several lists of players. In fact, some of the missions are important and others are less important. Each mission rewards players to get more coins and materials to help. Then find as many resources as possible. Hunt game where the equipment also provides a generous adjustment.

Don't forget to update the store with many more resources. In addition, it is an important part of endurance sports. Instead of spending a lot of coins spending some upgrades, back to log time off game and finish upgrades. Behind the attack, so the players. Players now play their base in the game without prejudice. Players will easily win the battle. However, as they can ever accept, the returns come and the need to change has to be careful. 

Co nowego

Mobile Strike continues to expand the mobile MMO experience! Work with the Security Advisor and your Alliance to build up your Base and begin Global Domination!
  • Battle in MASSIVE worldwide Challenges for glory!
  • Take on Raid Bosses with your State!
  • Lead your Troops with multiple Commanders at your side!
  • Customize Commanders’ Skills and equip powerful Gear Sets!
  • And much MORE!
  • Conquer the battlefield TODAY!