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sty 07, 2020

Winamp is a classic among MP3 players and combines all the primary functions in a single user interface: all major audio formats (aacPlus, MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, audio CDs and many more), integrated video for the music library. Player playback, visual effects, internet radio, music library playback statistics, successful skin, plug-in expandable with ID3 tags, download CD cover (or clipboard) Manually Sector Paste) and more graphs!

Winamp is perfect for you to easily manage your own music collection, playing music and CD itself.

Winamp is a fast and easy free media player for Android, allowing you to stream music, videos, and let you enjoy the radio there.

Winamp is just one of the best features of the ability to make you feel the way it should adapt. Want something Blue? On devices with such limited color areas because of such high contrast readability? You can do it!

In the end, Winamp became a great video and music player, despite its drawbacks and in any case, is worth a visit.


  • Quick and Easy Media Player is the basic standard decision with Winamp Media Player; It has been around for over 20 years and is designed to be fast and easy.
  • Unlimited customizations such as shape and text can seem obvious to your player, and you can adjust anything the app can look like - all without sacrificing performance!
  • Supports most video and audio formats and we have media! They also go for audio to take both videos and have access to the original streaming application to access Shoutcast services.

Winamp Media Player

Note: Winamp is a group version, the download also includes a free mp3. You can make Winamp Winamp Lite Winamp a lightweight alternative without the additional features.

Even though the Google Play Store is away, Winamp APKs can easily be installed on smartphones. For music-loving smartphone owners, this app is a great friend - on the way to work at home, or during relaxation cooking. We apk for manual installation.

Winamp offers the best option because pre-installed on a standard media player for smartphones. This allows for easy access to all stored music files - no-frills -, managing and syncing applications using a notebook computer in USB, or via Wi-Fi with a MacBook. A useful prerequisite for the development of Windows or Mac versions.

Internet TV options Winamp has a usable internet connection with reasonable bandwidth and provides audio functions. With Winamp, you can definitely subscribe to our radio and podcast on the radio. Thanks to Predixis Music Magic, WinAmp, which integrates playlists based on what songs to integrate with. With Nullsoft Visual Studio and Milkdrop, Winamp can also imagine these exciting colors and is currently running the music form.

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  • Winamp is: the traditional media player


Limited support is the most popular media player, but the reduction in support for its software (such as heritage status was developed and the program to keep only those who have a little passionate community in love) is limited.