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mai 21, 2020

Archery King is an archery-based game. In this game, you can challenge other players around the world to show you shoot a bow. The competition was face to face, so make sure you sign in with your Facebook friends, both of you on the virtual archery field. There can be face to face games and skill games, so you can add archery king or two.

Archery King game is simple; To begin, tap the screen and move your finger slowly until it is fully focused on the vision with its bow. Once you have the arrows to shoot this is the reason, go where the arrows will earn points of land.

Before recording, make sure that you want to see the strength and direction of the wind, this is where you can make a big difference in your dart soil. Add a little air, long-distance and a little hard for different participants in any challenge through the game virtual levels. Sometimes the king of archery can inspire you to try something in the real world to create your own unique goal.

There are two general ways to play: the classic and the challenge. The classic mode is not a competition against rivals for head-to-head cyber treasures. The more money you make, the more courses you can unlock. In this method, you have a time limit for completing their shots.

In challenge mode, you will follow the bow circle, face targets, landscape and more flexible with the next challenge of the season. Move some targets, and make the challenges harder, with more distance and faster moving targets. The angle of the arrow is important in several levels. They shoot rows of balloons, and the best result is taken them all in a row. After completing each level, you will begin to the next.

In addition, you will find opportunities gear that can offer significant benefits over the competition to date. Add great gear and experience The best opportunity comes in single-player mode.

Competition Classic 1-1 or Rush Mode

Test your skills and competitive archery games of all time numbers. All places have been champions and discover their secrets. Be the best shooter and reign in the rankings!

Customize your game experience

Mix and bow to adapt and the various elements of the arrow do not match! Create your unique gaming experience with hundreds of different combinations!


Archery King, You need new challenges. Find your level and new levels of play rivalry where you will have access to compete against the best of the best!

Challenge your skills

Archery King fits just -1 1. Test yourself on a game mode and see how much you walk away! 

* Game requires internet connection *

User Reviews

User 1: Of course, for graphics and real gameplay STUN. Unfortunately, the developers went for 'quick money' and it ruined the game. I would be happy to buy it, but so I was forced to do it. The 'or one of them." Do you make sense of it in the game? And aggression ... one can only wait, minutes and hours on the "heart" is good for a couple. I can only update once. after that? Absolutely! Few can afford it. Can it be played more? Spend But if I don't think Duped. It comes from the phone. Shame. It was very likely.

User 2: Good game, but I was waiting for the opponent to win all your money and the long shot I "re" and sent it to my menu and I just lost my money, that was the bet I won. Seriously? The sentence is ridiculously close. I did not assess this until I changed the full $ 400K back.

User 3: This too is already played and if not! It comes as a surprise to the sheeple, but all use Fakebook! You have two options with your facebook account, characters or guest, which means no savings! Registration There are other ways you write! Or with your Google account! When I finally played it, it's useless! I can do archery that is wonderful, their life up to other archery games war! Again on the drawing board! 

O que há de novo

This update includes improvements that will provide you with a better gaming experience. We constantly strive to make our games better, so your feedback is always welcome. Thank you for playing Archery King!