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jul 16, 2020

Critical Ops is developing a 3D multiplayer shooter designed specifically for first-person mobiles. Intense action, experience feedback, and tactical skills are becoming more and more important for success. Critical Ops combines casual gaming with competitive gaming and live events. Are you ready for the most skill-based mobile FPS?

"Critical Ops The Best For Thing For A Turning Strike On Mobile" - Life Wire

No competitive service counters through complicated Ops-crafted cards and challenging game modes. Move your fight with a guy from a band of bands. When calling for duty, you should answer! Do they fight as members of the Alliance or Close?

The result is to determine your skill and strategy. Competitive Advantages Of Shopping, We Have No Offer Programs Fair-to-Play Great Look! Master different weapons and improve your shooting skills through intense PvP gameplay. The game Kick You Ranked Against Other Skilled Workers. Throughout the game, you gain knowledge and learn new mechanics that can grow you as a player and rank elite Ops top 250 players.

Dream team building and invite your clan to join your friends. Central organizes tournaments to win private matches and prizes. The complex Ops mobile eSports platform grows the world. Our active member can be the eSports scene and you get the reputation of your team. They are stronger than the strong, but the team.

New weapons wield! Combine and equip a unique and powerful arsenal, long-range, two pistols, the iconic AK47, Karambit, M4A4, and sniper rifle with the MR96 revolver.

The game currently features three challenging game modes:


Two teams two goals! A team planted an explosion, trying to calm down while bomb protection. Dominate the battlefield!

Fighting to end two teams

Two enemies, they fight from Deathmatch at a time. Map Resorts freely fire an intense and epic battles! Make every tablet count!

The gun game

Work your way through all the weapons of different players fighting against each other. Get ready!

Play, as you play through our wedding:

Quick game

Quick game with the same skill level of workers are all available game modes.

Rank game

Adapted to safe competition and quiet working points by winning their rank competition matches. Climb the top of the head!

Custom game

Critical Ops plays a great way to connect a guest and activate a password host for private space hosting.

Regular unlock update game Personalize performance updates, new game modes for a player you experience features and skins. Complex Ops and there will always be a free-to-play game. Purchases are pure cosmetics.

Does it compete with the best? Download now and participate in the complex Ops community! Have fun experience with millions of players from around the world!


  • Slick and intuitive control
  • Extra events are a lot of tournaments and exciting games.
  • Good quality graphics.


  • Play simple, but the difference is easily distracted by the movements of the game.
  • Help someone burn the car.

How To Play

There is a special trick to improve your shooting skills. Remember to shoot the button, then accurate and quickly tap it to use as the target. If you want to aim, shoot more dead. This strategy has been worked for automatic weapons such as a rifle or submachine guns in the first place. Instead, the passing of collecting weapons, other players were eliminated, you should focus on gunplay and strategy. In addition, this study has the first and best effect. Learn how to hide, where people in certain places and large areas where people open, you can easily help you attack and kill.

Because in this game more complete to collect reward missions. You can check it on the pause menu; List of missions that you can choose from. You can collect only a few credits, but the reward will be for you to benefit from the next. You can also use the price to get different weapons.

User Reviews

User 1: Honest game involves a ton of hackers in your game except a lot of fun. The developers really have to work on the whole game of destruction. While losing a handful of hackers to play throat every time until his friends go to more of us, we are really referred to their hacks and garbage. Wait for something it's really sick.

User 1: Deadlock 2, but still more fun cannons all free, the only way to choose some good games! I want a new update like a slot weapon or crawl a new card to be useful because of the new game modes and new items. Or pressure is really useful, but some copies go about climbing the wall and the call of duty

User 1: This game is very good for me, but the problem is the wedding series. Start smurfs that some people are not entertaining low-rank games. I hope you can find a way KDR number in the wedding sequence person, make u game and make it more balanced. Hopefully, it's not a problem on the team and I'll give it 5 stars. 

O que há de novo

Ranked Season 3
  • We are starting a new ranked season with the 1.17 update
  • Ranked defuse changes
  • Faction weapons, Defuse economy & Weapon balance updates
  • New Recoil animation system