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5.8.7 para Android
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dez 25, 2019

Apps by Zapya will not let you share files back from the Internet. ZAPYA is a high-speed, world-first cross-platform sharing app with comprehensive data transmission services. Sharing and transferring files from one device to another for PC users, iOS access without any data for iOS usage. Day.

Zapya is lightweight and easy to use, and it costs nothing but battery power. The application supports more than 20 languages ​​file transfer and easy. This sharing peer-to-peer, easy-to-use way to transfer large files over a wireless network. The two date and equipment must be connected to the same Wi-Fi sending data for easy media devices.

Because the devices are meant to be shared with ZAPYA when connected to the same network, you can move quickly and between these two files can be seen here with their own applications. This is a great way for document, media, and office or shared indoors and more. Office network and educational institutes where all users apply great work to connect to the same network.

Commonly used QR code files to watch short videos and share the best file free applications that you are using with your friends and talk to support all platforms!

The files are split, but you need an internet connection? any problem! Zapya lets you transfer files from iPhone and PC to Wi-Fi or Android phones without mobile data. Not easy to use Zapya, and there was no charge for the user but it also supports more than 20 languages. Spreading files is never easy!

Begin to transfer your Zapya to people sharing the file with one of three easy-to-use properties. Create a group and invite you to join another, personal QR code to make another scan, just to send the file off, that is.


Zapya After some additional tasks.
  • Users can now view not only video but also good applications.
  • You make backups of old phones and transfer them to new phones. To gain access to this feature; The user must be followed.
  • Call log
  • Read phone status
  • Chatting is one of the features of Zapya. You cannot access Wi-Fi with mobile data or use chat.
  • Built-in file manager.
  • Download a lot of integrated app store options.

Other features

Video Search

Find short videos by sharing with other users.

Phone replicas

Backup and transfer all files to a new one on your old device. To use this feature, you must allow read (CALL_LOG short) access to the call list and call state (READ_PHONE_STATE short).

Chat online

Close to chat with friends without internet access or data and media.

QR code sharing

Use QR code on devices and shared files to join! It makes life a lot easier.

Group sharing and more

Not only will you share files with many people, you can see the instant messaging functionality and your friend's phone camera interact with each other via remote camera function seems on your device.

Restore any options

If you have new phones and easy to install popular apps or have all the stored application? Copy the new phone to another phone or pc apk files. For "local", then go to "file" then "applications". Just want to select all phrases set "all these programs, and then" click. This saves time!

Mac and PC support

Share files or PCs and use them as wireless mice when you present (PPT, etc.) using your phone for your Mac.

You can now share the following three methods of applying this information.

  • Created a group and invited others to join.
  • Other users scan unique QR code generation.
  • Send these files off.

Move files and can be easily replaced without the use of cable or zapya at any cost. Send files of different sizes for multiple platforms. ShareIt, on the other hand, and the same functions at hand, you can try it.

Zapya combines an easy-to-use interface for easy-to-use friends management. You can find files online within a specific group of friends to share with. Users can also check the files instantly using the built-in media player with such a song. But you can add no more than five users to the same group. So you get a lot of information from the best application transfer device ZAPYA device.

Supported platforms

Android (for version 4.0 9.0), iOS, Windows XP / 7.8.10, Mac OSX, Windows Phone 8.1 and 10, and a web browser

Supported languages

English (Basic), Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Hindi, Spanish, Arabic, Thai, Burmese, Indonesian (Bahasa), Italian, Vietnamese, Russian Persian Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Malay, Turkish, Korean and Portuguese.

No cables and no internet

File transfer works via Bluetooth, and if you don't have an Internet connection. It is compatible with all kinds of devices and platforms.

Starting the application is checked for each device connected to a single hotspot. In addition to the process of the association and the documents being directly because they are. Carefully exchange documents, you need to move out of their field on a specific application of the UI, and understand the whole process without input from anyone else. 

O que há de novo

Resolved an issue Android 10 devices failing to connect to hotspot groups under some specific conditions;