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mar 19, 2020

AppLock lightweight application lets you do almost any type of file on your Android lock. So one can either uninstall or uninstall, but you can lock photos, take videos, and even block your apps by combining infrastructure and personal messages.

There is a very easy way to apply. First, you need a numeric password to unlock the program that you want to protect. Each time you open the app, at this moment, the password set must prevail. Although another user tries to uninstall, this password window is not allowed.

The best thing about this application is that you can hide any of your device icons, but they will understand it, installed on it, it asks you to enter the password it is for.


  • There are no locked apps with passwords, patterns, or fingerprint lock.
  • Walt: Hide photos
  • Well designed themes
  • Secret Browser: A History Record
  • Multiple Accounts: Enter Private SNS
  • Intruder Selfie: Take pictures of invaders.
  • Choose a custom background, favorite picture
  • Customizable profiles set off to different application groups
  • Time Lock: Auto-lock / Time unlock
  • Location Lock: auto-lock / position unlock
  • Hide AppLock icon
  • Advanced Security: Stop working killer killing AppLock
  • Random keyboard: People pin code peeps off
  • Army closed lid
  • Lock switch (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth sync)
  • AppLock Widget Enabled / Disable A Lock AppLock
  • Quick-lock switch lock / unlock notification bar
  • Twelve calls
  • Lock system settings to prevent a mess of kids
  • Insert pattern prints within any specified time re-specified fingers allow short out
  • Establish apps to prevent fierce criticism
  • Use less memory.
  • Power saving mode

# 1 App Lock in 50 Countries.

Supported 45 languages ​​with 400 million users.

  • AppLock comes in Facebook, WhatsApp Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat Contacts, Gmail Settings and blocks any app to call any Instagram, SMS. Protecting against unauthorized access and privacy. Ensure safety.
  • AppLock can hide pictures and videos. Tucked picture and video gallery went missing and only photos and video vault will be visible. Protect personal memories easily. A PIN is no way.
  • AppLock lock random keyboard and invisible patterns. Someone can take peep care with a PIN or pattern. Safe!

With AppLock, you will:

  • Any worries about parents check out their Snapchat, Musical.ly!
  • Don't worry about your cell-borne games with mobile data boys again!
  • Ever since then the phone is on peer gallery to look for concern!
  • App Don't worry about anyone's personal information Read again!
  • Sometimes playing children has to pay, then send the worry, the wrong message about the chaos setting!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do you change the password?

  • Open AppLock, Protect, unlock settings

2) How to hide AppLock will open?

Update to the latest version and then try the following four methods to open the hidden AppLock:

  • Gallery
    • Open your gallery, select an image, click the button. Find "Open AppLock" and click on it.
  • Widget
    • Click some long, home screen press widget. Find "Open AppLock" and drag it to the home screen.
  • Keypad
    • Enter * # * # 12345 # * # * is your dial pad.
  • Browser

3) How to Stop uninstall AppLock?

If AppLock has advanced security protection enabled, then kill someone without uninstalling AppLock. You can disable extended protection if you don't do it.

4) I forgot my password, how to find it?

First, update to the latest version. And then tap on the AppLock icon Click on the icon in the upper right corner next to the fort 'Forgot tap password'.

  1. Security Answer: Enter Security Response, click to reset your password. '
  2. Security Email: Click 'Send Sicherheit email address' reset password input password.

Uses AppLock Device Manager privileges.

Allows "additional device security as "Device Manager" activates AppLock. This is just used to uninstall AppLock so as to prevent intruders.

Uses for AppLock.

Allow accessibility services to enable power-saving mode. The services are shown only to remind users with the inability to unlock applications and are used to reduce battery use.

Be assured that AppLock does not use permissions to access your personal information.


  • They are easy to operate, so they can be used by anyone.
  • It is capable of blocking certain applications.
  • Users of this app can create such profiles.
  • It comes with good useful function.


  • They are not clear instructions during installation and use.

The Vault

Vault allows you to enter a password that appears to be protected for a specific photo or video. Choose any photo or video on your phone. Once you do that, they are now in the gallery so you can see them appear inside AppLock.

You can also change the AppLock theme to personalize. Go to some applications such as AppLock Locker, HexLock, Good Lock. If you want to write a review, set this application and rate it on our website. Download as fast as our speed and difficult to provide direct links to all versions of AppLock available for free.

How To use the app

Then to activate the installation program, open it first. You will be asked to create a password lock for the application. After you enter the password tap the appropriate selection. Then just verify the password you enter in your password and press OK. In the event, the password may be forgotten to enter your e-mail, and save options. Lock and unlock the app, you can easily jump to that icon directly.

If you've forgotten your password, forget to use the Password Reset option. Open the app and tap dotting the upper right on the menu three. Tap the Password option and forget or tap the Security Email Link Code. Security e-mail for Android will post the code for AppLock. In order to open your e-mail check and paste code from the box. Click New to create an option to reset your password.

User Reviews

User 1: This lock can be easily fooled. I used to do apps m30s lock on your Samsung. But if you open an app lock for a second, briefly reveal what applications take a while and if you quickly touch one of the app's many messages, it opens and contracts with the security umbrella. As in the case of US Gmail, try it out on other app messages ...

User 2: Now it works as expected. Thanks for the quick reply. Total application is good, but often it is active and can be used to close applications. Critical security of this drawback. The withdrawal is only accessible after the application. Otherwise, you should not set up without using programs without credibility. All the basic flow can be seen in fact due to the slow downtime that the app is able to test home screen content. To solve this problem. This app is more reliable.

User 3: I love applying this lock. I have some trouble using it for the first time. I can read the critical review and the sitting position and answer by the manufacturer and can be seen by other users. I followed the instructions. Encountering problem is easy to solve. I have no problem with the effectiveness of the length. Sometimes it doesn't work. I use a secure lock application. When I open the secure app again, it is easily accessible. (Installation password gone). But I like it. 

O que há de novo

✨New Version with no ads!✨
Dear AppLock users,
  • Before downloading and using this new AppLock Lite version, please uninstall the old version of AppLock (under v3.0.8). And all your files in vault will not be deleted, please do not worry!
Thanks for your understanding and support!🌹