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ago 07, 2020

KineMaster is a professional best Android video editor that supports cutting and trim editing with multi-level video, image, and art text. Multi-track audio, volume envelope control, 3D transitions, Chroma, etc. can be without watermark. KineMaster for Android users. Leading Professional Video Editor is a Pro application that streamlines many layers of video clips and can text properly and quickly, Edit photos and edit audio files It's application transition opportunities, volume control tools, Lut filters for KineMaster 3D apk, tools and options available to your audience, professionals and new editors with your phone operator on the editing process. More control over. As a storyboard video feature for specific tasks, you can also use the KineMaster app. It is an ideal solution for Wawa.

When you make a video that is always pretentious or difficult, it is clear that you have not tried this application before. The video does some of the obvious, but many easy implementation, easy to work with features. If you want feedback or reviewing the app, you might still want to do and watch the sample video. The images are featured with a series of music backgrounds.

They were all big and professional looks. You can not trust the video on how to make it, but just want these examples, you can see that the ultimate quality is super-rich smooth and flawless. Compared to other video editing programs, the KineMaster - offering a pro-video editor results in better Android, functions, functionality, and efficiency.

Managing layers, text, and effects is fun to praise because of the easy use. You know, feel free to cut crops, merge, and so forth. Even if applying for the first time, you can use features screenshots, tutorials, and project support to help popup always appear on making every movement.


  • Multiple layers of video, images, stickers, special effects, text, and writing
  • Back to your video for a unique look
  • Amazing blend to produce beautiful effect
  • Voice-over, background music, sound changer, and sound effects
  • Trim, assemble and crop your video editing tools crop
  • Update weekly, asset shop music to improve its video clip graphics, fonts, labels, transitions, and more
  • Speed ​​control for time-lapses and slow-motion effects
  • EQ presets, submerged volume envelope tool and captivating audio
  • Animation tool to add layers frame speed
  • Export 4K 2160p video at 30fps
  • Apply different color filters to make your video different
  • YouTube or Facebook, Dropbox and more
  • Many more features, options, and settings!

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Explain all the features

  • Chroma Key Chroma is one of the best properties functions because of this that determines that video gives you a lot of features. Chroma Background is a green screen that is used to change the video background, in which you can change everything in the area. It's with these outstanding features, you can watch your video look really impressive. One Croma part of a plant was introduced to complex PC software but KineMaster Pro looks like a cake making it. Big Hollywood movies also use the green screen effect to change the background. You can Chroma to use your video, to make the effect KineMaster Pro professional. It's easy and user-friendly access.
  • Transition Effects: Have you ever wondered how it feels to feel good between Bollywood and Hollywood films, video films, the use of special effects. These are called transition effects that can be easily used in KineMaster Pro. The film can be attached to the transition section and a video or video production technique used later in the shot. Most films about different transitions will typically choose to use a tone or mood in time, or suggest different parts of the story. This cleansing, fading, dissolving and also offers a variety of effects in many forms. All this click was just one on your Android device.
  • Animation: It's still time and edit your videos on the most important benefits. KineMaster helps you to get a hefty amount of animations during their work at the editing stage. You can find different scenes from other sources to add, or even download special effects. 
  • "Multi-track audio: Setting up KineMaster Studio is rather vertical. It can be added to play and track eight or more at a time. It is used when you have not edited a rap song or an ordinary music video.
  • Multiple layers of intervention: KineMaster text, image, up to ten layers of text and overlay on video, as well as unlimited layers of support (supported). You can easily adjust layers and time positions and animate layers to use preset animation effects or animation frames.
  • Voice Recording: KineMaster lets you record previews of your project, record audio, it's easy to track any video on sound. It's a great feature when you make a comment video or motivational video. Your video will continue because you want, and at the same time play, it will be sorted by their sound.

Supported formats

  • Video formats: MP3 (264 baseline / main / high profile + AAC LC), 3GPP (264 baseline / main / high profile + AAC LC), .mov (264 + AAC control MOV video line format, only a country of devices Played in that gallery)
  • Audio Format: MP3, .m4a, .aac
  • Iamge Format: .jpg, .png
  • Real-time video and audio recording


  • It gives a landscape view that is quite good and comfortable for most users. Okay, but it certainly doesn't rest the eyes.
  • Select images or simply attach video, cloud systems from applications to your collection.
  • You can make the operation of complex operations much easier.
  • You can free the trial for 14 days.


  • The app doesn't support 4K resolution, though it does offer a good, 1080p type for smartphones.
  • Finally, a smartphone is strong enough for just 4K type.
  • If the app is not compatible with intervals and your device is frozen.
  • If you like the KineMaster logo in their video, your free service. They want to get rid of what you need paid service for.


The use of KineMaster is free, but the watermark video property premium is added and the equipment is not available. Purchase KineMaster Premium Watermark for a monthly or annual subscription, all editing tools are unlocked and all items are downloaded to the KineMaster Asset Store. You can subscribe to the KineMaster Premium App. Unless you automatically select KineMaster Premium in Google, subscribe is renewal.

User Reviews

User 1: User Support With at least 2 hours of significant and intuitive experience, I was able to batch edit short video clips into an amazingly polished video. I got to experiment with the use of the track of the voice-over, but I feel safe only the audio soundtrack with layers, transitions, and knowledge. Just a great app.

User 2: Here are some ideas you could add. • If you are logged in, then you may add that you use the same e-mail, view other projects from other devices. • You can also add because you can see if you can add this option as a project for others to edit. In any case, the app is really good and I like how you don't blury the pictures.

User 3: Very easy to use, ideal for application editing. I like it. BUH is just that. All videos are not allowed for import. It may need to be edited before some PowerDirector video production is something you might need to compress vidcompact. There are some resolution issues. How to import everything is allowed This app video was not the best application. BUH is good. 

O que há de novo

UX/UI changes:
  1. Changes the Layer & Asset Store category name Overlay to Sticker
  2. Adds subcategories to the KineMaster Asset Store