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5.64.0 para Android
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ago 11, 2020

Keep an eye on your Vodafone account on the go with My Vodafone APK. Keep track of your pay usage, invoices, and invoices. My Vodafone, you can change your phone and giveaways weekly, and update your phone practice with VeryMe award.

You can also:

• To get the help of our friendly virtual agent Toby

• Upper and prize claim

• Add additional and key management

• Check your network speed and Wi-Fi

• Manage all your Vodafone services in one place

Things to Remember:

• You must be a device with access to your Vodafone UK SIM card applications

• Don't use the first app, our mobile network (no Wi-Fi) must be connected Register your device. It will not be enough notice when you have a comprehensive data volume that will be charged at your standard rate

• My Vodafone app is free, but all information VeryMe awards will be used to control your monthly payment or other functions of accessing credit.

• If you are upgrading to the new Vodafone recently the first invoice may be available before, your account information

• My Vodafone app is launched for individual entrepreneurs and small business customers. If you can use it for your company, we will contact you

What is new:

Your new My Vodafone app is the fresh face. It's easy to navigate, scroll with dashboard, and easy to use self-service. Giving them unlimited experience to make sure their proposals are now more personal.

We keep listening to our customers and hold on to improving my Vodafone application. Is an application that provides you with customization and solutions.

Download My Vodafone APK app now for your mobile device to take advantage of its capabilities:

• Check your usage of current information, minutes and text

• Take a look at your prepaid balance amount and top

• Unique Receive My Vodafone and Personal Offer

• Top-up mobile data on their mobile devices or purchase add-ons

• Manage your accounts and services

• View or upload detailed invoice, Vodafone pay the bill

• Customer support access available 24/7

• Keep an eye on your loyalty points and clubs provided by Viva Offers

• Check the status of your TV NetVoice service

• Receive alerts information

Download for my Vodafone app for mobile devices for free and always connected. This app is for all Vodafone customers inside and outside Portugal within free or cost information, and use of the Vodafone network.

O que há de novo

Deze update bevat een aantal verbeteringen die niet meteen zichtbaar zijn. We hebben namelijk aan de achterkant van de app gesleuteld. Ook hebben we alvast voorbereidingen getroffen voor toekomstige updates.