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jan 21, 2018

Fast Video Downloader is a mobile browser and a powerful video download platform. You can use the integrated browser application to download your favorite download sites and movies in all different formats. Quick Video Downloader also downloads download link or right-click option" "The video has become available, is stored on the server and the fast video downloader download allows you to download your video

Try not yet available for video download, start waiting for a few moments or play video within the app. Find a time where power doesn't start from where the video is stored, and you will allow it to download. You can pause many different video downloads and resume downloads at any time as well. Currently, the download percentage progress bar and a queue respectively of an ongoing size of the download speed in kb / s or MB / s. Add a new download integrates the browser by entering it directly into the download links. Finally, you can play the powerful integrated media player application directly within the video.


  • A download link on the embedded video download page - if it is possible to download all the videos, the red button of the app lets you watch it download.
  • Add a video by entering the download URL into the integrated browser or download the queue directly.
  • Application to play their download integrated media player directly.


  • You can use this app to watch movies from YouTube because of its terms of use available for download.

Download up to 5 times faster than other video downloaders in the internet market for pipe/video and song. MP3 and MP3, fast, free and easy downloader. Save your favorite files and play them anytime in the future.

How to use

1. It's a download button on the video page, so start it easy and click download

2. If there is a download button, but an embedded video player is available:

  • Wait until the page is fully loaded
  • Click on the play button (ie the video has been removed from the player should the red download icon appear at the top)
  • If you click on the pause button functions
  • It doesn't work, try to beat, then play and break a few times
  • If the above does not work, then it is not possible to remove the video on this page

3. Go to the application manager file of a download file again and click on the video. MX Player or BS Player must have the best performance and file format support installed.

Key Features:

  • Explore the browser built with video
  • Support multi-tab browser.
  • Automatically find and click HD video download with video link.
  • Built-in player to play offline with higher video
  • Superfast download speed and support for large files downloaded
  • Video file quality for the user to choose car download (Full-HD video, 720p video ...).
  • Download multiple files at once
  • Download video on Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile networks
  • Support video download extension link
  • Full-featured download manager to stop, start removal downloads
  • Download All Video Clips
  • Information to complete when it's started or downloaded
  • Support SD card
  • Supports all video download formats, mp3, m4v, MOV, Mpg, Avi, WMV, mpk, Flv, etc.
  • Live download progress status displays for every running download.
  • History tab and Bookmarks tab for your favorite sites
  • Easy to share a video file for download with your friends
  • Download All videos from online websites

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I youtube video download?

No! Restricted by their terms of service to download YouTube. Please, don't ask about YT support, because we can't add it.

Can I Like Video Games To Download?

Install "MX Player" or "BS Player" ", then click on the Video File Manager VFD application. Video application with windows will be selected. Select Download Video Player

Who are the supported file formats?

All supported formats are your recommended video player to use. Although it has M3U8 access to MP3 and MP3 video files, music is the best.

Powerful built-in browser

Multi-tab supports and fast browser with many popular videos on the most powerful and social networks helps you easily download default search Homepage favorite HD video.

Fast Video Downloader

Video Downloader is a powerful video downloader, you can download HD video easest for free with the highest speed and. Support Download more video files at the same time.

Video Download Manager

(Delete, Play, Features, ...) Video Download, Easy Download Manager (progress indicator, stop, re-extract), full download for all downloaded video files, Easy Download Manager.

Video player app

Offline Video Playback with built-in help (play, close, repeat, full-screen support) is a full-featured video player with a video downloader player.

Please note. You live in a country where the copyright files are downloaded and are restricted by law. We assume no liability for abuse of this application.

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