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2020.06.1042 para Android
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jun 08, 2020

IMO beta version of the IMO Beta Messenger that allows you to communicate without interrupting various platforms all-in-one Android messaging app.

A platform that allows them to communicate with family, friends and IMO messengers without having to worry about business associates. The app offers dozens of Google Talk, Facebook, ICQ, and other services. When new services have been added and tested, here is the first beta application to test. The other last steam potential players just to try to communicate users came out and go live.

Just use the platform without care. Suppose you have a message, and Bob is the mother of accounting or AIM who covers that message through Facebook. Facebook Mother Goes Answers automatically. Bob will automatically generate a response as intended. In addition, you can set up your messages to notify Bob only during business hours. Later, the Morning News will come to you. IMO pictures, video support, and video chat. The conference convenes and, if supported by large groups, comes the testing and beta aspects of improved stability.

To run at work on IMO Messenger. IMO Beta This is proof. The development team is very active, and if you want access to the latest changes and features, this is the app for you. The version can be unstable than the standard release can consider. It can cause all sorts of accidents and strange behavior. It's not a rule, but it's worth preparing.

IMO Beta, as the name implies, is the beta version of the popular instant messaging app. Think that with this application, you will probably be among the first to use the new IMO features. On the other hand, you can also add some stability issues.

All you can do is watch all your accounts register with a simple interface where the maximum convenience - that you come to make calls with web wifi or 3G, you can text, photos and videos. You can also make short videos and share them with Make Your Contacts.

IMO Beta, which is a very handy communication tool that you can easily communicate with all your friends. In addition, with this beta version, you may want to try the latest features first.


  • Integrated through text, sound, and video
  • Most main support text and video chat services
  • Works with Wi-Fi and mobile services


The beta version may be unstable

  • Unlimited message or make them FREE 4G or your 2G, 3G, video call over Wi-Fi and voice 
  • High-quality video and voice calls
  • Group chat with friends, family, colleagues, and others
  • Photo and video sharing
  • Express yourself with hundreds of free stickers too!
  • Encrypted chat and call
  • Optimized for Android tablets
  • Avoid SMS charges and calls

* Data charges may apply. Contact your provider.

User Reviews

User 1: IMO select app live streaming very bad version. For every time there is another block system, poor people come to my life add broads and write any bad comments, and we have questions I politely request in alternative blocks as opposed to controlling IMO masses.

User 2: App angry last week, because we provide annoying country code +86 video calls daily picture profile sexy girl to be very good. And gives an anonymous connection to the most sexist and obscene multi-subject. How to solve this is useless as you look at the problem. Thanks & Regards,

User 3: As long as I still have an account girls names and numbers that were used to get a video call start from +86 and start with other country codes, so applying is just an inconvenience, I'd rather have my and uninstall when my family. And to keep up with all these harassing friends ...

User 4: There is a problem. Instructions displayed in "IMO" only if applications are open. I made sure that the information is set. And if open, then show IMO, u ... missed calls ..... incoming calls only then IMO if imean is registered. On Allways Data. Why is this ??? , And there are more advanced and many mega mosquitoes. 

O que há de novo

  • video call improvements
  • connection improvements