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mai 01, 2020

The VLC media player is one of the most stable, flexible and lightweight audio and video players around today, especially if the other format is to play as an unusual format play or waste and chatting after downloading a codec.

MPEG program handles FLV and RMVB files, tons of formats. Ability to play V10-bit code-multi-threaded decoding MPEG 264 -4 / Xvid and WebM and HD and Blu-ray.

Also useful is the fact that you can access the files for you to download this video file because you preview the unfinished roles VLC Media Player played itself. VLC media player is for video playback, then no. It also provides ESPN, Reuters and excellent integration with streaming video channels such as Channels.com provides access to channels such as National Geographic. Discovery & Channels.com services easily with the right mouse button or click CMD playlist.

Your playlist VLC media player is displayed after Channels.com. Go to announce that click channels in different categories. Click on the drop-down list to see all the channels you want and all the channels available in the VLC media player. Just click on the channel you want to watch, and start streaming almost immediately.

How does it work?

VLC media player has great hotkey support, and you can take the time to learn shortcuts without touching the mouse-controlled. If you are viewing DVDs or video files through it, this is not a problem. Music, it plays more or less any file and creates an equalizer and playlist creation. VLC Media Player is not as intuitive as iTunes as a media manager, but it is a more flexible player in terms of file formats. You can also convert your files to use VLC for all formats and physical media, play many streaming protocols, supported on TV capture cards.

Add your video folder exactly where the SRT file set is and automatically play with subtitles - VLC Media Player makes it easy to add subtitles to your video files.

Finally, the media has somewhat improved the VLC player interface, though it remains solid and remains functional. However, to completely change the appearance of the VLC media player you download the skin. Extensive selections online and extensive choices without a single comprehensive document.

Full and free

VLC Media Player is simply the best multimedia application for Windows and Mac. The play about something interfering - what's more, what do you do? If you are looking to free this program, we recommend KMPlayer, WinAmp, and Off-Player for download. 

O que há de novo

  • Fix network server edition
  • Fix subs not loaded on video playback restoration
  • Fix loading states in lists when content is empty
  • TV: Fix video playback restoration
  • Fix crashes
  • Security fixes
  • AV1 decoding performances improvement