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2.2.48 para Android
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ago 17, 2020

ShareIt programs are already a household name among file sharing. But this time they have the same file size of almost all shares of a very small file but also come back with a lighter option. You are looking for a quick tool that lets you transfer files quickly and easily. Now allow you to send tons of files without having to record a lot of space on your smartphone.

With ShareIt Light, you can send all kinds of files, without having to check your size. Whether you want a super light file or something a little bigger, the device has a higher speed to provide the easiest way to go about sending. In addition, one of the other main features is that you simply file your contacts by sending your list ShareIt light.

Back when they returned to Google, ShareIt was previously used to play peer-sharing programs and games-to-peer systems. Sending you play out of the store with APK Safe Delivery, the application allows you to access all kinds of files on your friends and your other devices. These features are especially useful in low-bandwidth countries, so it's a time-wasting application that weighs in at 25 MB. Against this background, the company has introduced behind the ShareIt light into the service for a lighter version for those who need or want.

Compared to traditional ShareIt this version lacks the ability to send data to its own devices and you can't use it as a replacement file manager - it's just for sharing. With this service, you will need to register with a unique name, but that's it. Entering a phone number or e-mail is optional. At the moment all the apps, which are deviating from the full version of ShareIt, have no ads. That may change over time though.

ShareIt Chat Lite Title, Feed and my three bottom tabs. You can find Send to Friends in the chat section with clear options for chatting files. The app can pull up your Android's contact information management. The Feed tab reminds other social network news feeds and allows you to write files to your contacts for you to view. Enter settings, statistics, and your ID at the head of my section.

Sharing something more power with faster speeds and yes, it's free. !!!

Share some with a data cable and network.

ShareIt Lighting Applications has been reported in the sum of APKs (apps), videos, photos, and music:

  • E-mail
  • Bluetooth
  • The NFCA
  • Dropbox
  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • Install all other joint customers on your device.

Key Features:

All installed applications on the device will be displayed. You can do such different tasks

Backup: Installation package apk file card. User this action SD Save to create multiple applications, select backup sdcard.

  1. Free Super Fast Bearings: Sharing a Cock allows you to share so many apps (APK), Music, Video, Bluetooth, Email, NFC, Pictures via Direct and WiFi.
  2. Uninstall multiple applications.
  3. Get Started Apps: With this function, you can start the application you selected.
  4. Information application: The user can perform various actions, such as power blocks, the application was chosen to open this task is the app page. Clear data. clear cache and uninstall.
  5. Open the Play Store Page: This task allows the user to open the application selection store.
  6. Backup History: User Application Article See the application that he/she has installed in the classes package. Users can install backup or delete shared application.

ShareIt, Excellent speed, and free online app feeds including movies share video, music, wallpapers, GIF fast cross-platform. ShareIt is also added to enjoy a powerful media player that can manage and create your own videos and music.

In the world fast

200 times faster than Bluetooth, the speed limit goes up to 20 m / s.

Transfer files with no quality loss.

Transfer all kinds of files

Photos, videos, music, apps installed and any other files.

Infinite online video

Constantly adding HD and offline viewing of choice

Excellent video player

Support almost all formats, to provide a smooth gaming experience

Learn the musical trends

And curate thousands of high-quality songs from playlists. Online and offline

Elegant music player

The powerful equalizer gives you a special experience.

IFGIFs wallpapers and stickers

Personal, funny, download and share

Note: ShareIt permissions are not related to our view.

Accessing the space, ShareIt users can find nearby. At the same time, it is necessary for the Android system to use this permission.

Bluetooth connection activities, like ShareIt and faster, want to connect more efficiently / communicate with the transmitter-receiver.

User Reviews

User 1: App files are really for sharing, but on the screen shows these unnecessary things that we will start any unwanted video information in the apps.it proposes the option to open intelligent charging because of the variety of content page.its will detect the worst we always use General Chat Chat Lounge The only purpose is to complete the exchange of files when it was just o 's application, but those ads really catch the attention of users with inappropriate or obscene content through sadness.

User 2: I love this app ... this app is good ... but now the size of this app is pretty large ... and if we move the Bluetooth files on, GPS, hotspot, all that matters, but, the last version was great, it was the same light version with 5 MB ....... and we move on without the files all things going on ... because we do, GPS Bluetooth flu please make this app .. .. it should automatically turn things on….

User 3: It was once the best sharing app. It was easy, fast and worked like it once did. But now they need file transfer for Bluetooth. And yet it doesn't work. 10 This file is not transferred 9 times. It also gets QR codes and passwords after use. They are far from the worst. 

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