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5.4 для Android
авг 08, 2019

Battle Islands PlayStation Studio Online is a super beautiful game of strategy genre Srl A505 introduces millions of downloads Android games ever in Google Play for Android." "Now 1942 World War II began with World War II, but reached its peak and If the South Pacific islands are at hand, you should be ready to equip your squad and wonderful battles! Enemies are rushing in every direction, and they are each diva. We will get into the walls and floors to protect our country!

You need to use a huge tank of fighters and quickly bring a lot of damage to the enemy! So far, many games have been this genre, but in this game, you can connect online with other users and compete with them! The islands of war are not professional users, especially if Artificial Intelligence and Computers are tough to resist in battle against other players and fight with your bare hands! The military part of them is strong to send to the country, such as Barack and Barracks because of the building's newborn training new soldiers and then the limit lines! You are a strategic game for Android, not the Miss Battle Islands.


  • Control troops, jeeps, tanks, boats for you deep in the South Pacific Via by boat and air, sea fighters and land.
  • Build and repair your military power and use it to raid and plunder enemy islands and their resources.
  • Make sure you are itching to invade your enemies' strongest beachhead!
  • Exciting real-time strategy and martial arts
  • The war for supremacy against friends
  • Not configured or share tourism usage and real-time engagement strategy Chat with others!
  • Each week with the same order of play at the top of their division
  • Optimize both tablets and smartphones
  • Save your progress account for social media by playing the device and save

More about the islands of war

We have added to the game in its list in 2016, managed to reach 35 songs, and last week received 10 downloads

Information about the size of the Battle Islands is not yet available. It's a game used in the United States, India, and Germany a lot. 

Что нового

New Features
  • NEW! Introducing Daily Rations from HQ!
  • NEW! Iceland and England flags added!
  • FIXED! Notifications for Battle News!
  • FIXED! A number of Alliance Warfare issues reported by the community! Thank you!