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3.0.1 для Android
окт 15, 2019

Blogger is the official Android app for the popular blogging service with the same name. Additionally, Blogger users on your blog, read the moderate and fresh comments and take a look at travel and other site statistics.

Going to Google things and making work is not easy for your workday and night. There are many blogging programs available in the market, but the bloggers offered by Google are the best. All the things and all the features you need for your blog in your hands. All the tools you have for blogging now in your pocket. The best bloggers app you've been waiting to make your work easier and easier. It lets you create or edit new blogs and publish them whenever you want. Very simple and very useful app for you.

Now it's not too difficult to publish blogs. All you are doing is writing posts wherever you are. You do not need a special computer for your work. Blogger in your pocket. Google has now become fun work. The main point of the application is if you need any of the high-end devices or to apply. Currently, it's easier to use than almost every Android device. All Premium APK Enjoy.

Blogger APK Features:

  • Now that you have the freedom to create a new blog, everything is up to you. If you want to save a draft, then go and save it as a draft.
  • Not only that, but you can change accounts every time you do. If you have more than one account, this will not be a problem for you.
  • You have the right to do what you want with your blog. Now your updates are sent to them on your blog and edited. Not just a new blog, but in its current form.
  • There are several task functions in this application. You have the ability to add photos from your phone gallery to your blog and you can take pictures directly from the app and you can use them in your blog.
  • Now you should be able to and add location information to your blog.
  • You can also add labels to your posts and make them more beautiful and attractive to readers.
  • Now you need to create a new blog, and if you want it, you can publish it.
  • There is an option if you want to check every time you review a blog list.

Download the latest version of the official Blogger app and start blogging on the go. With Blogger for Android you can:

  • A post type that you can draft or publish right away
  • Edit current posts
  • Find a list of your saved and published posts
  • Switch to an account / if you have more than one blog
  • Embed images, or photos taken directly from the gallery from the app
  • Added labels for your post

With the Blogger app for Android, you can also quickly and easily publish posts to your blog.

User Reviews

User 1: If I upgrade, and use extremely happy, I must have a new format, it's not clear that the Devs care too much, or restart the "working" module. No advice. And demand options, statistics pages, blog settings, video attachments, formatting or web versioning should also apply here. At least one version. My goodness. Otherwise, it's the best blogging platform. Don't rush! Take your time. You use the full potential if you are talented.

User 2: I'm so glad that I can blog on the phone. But, the lack of it is frustrating to many features of this app, especially formatting. I want to be able to add hyperlinks, change font size and color. Not if I uploaded the gif, they still mention the end of their picture. This application I love the clean interface, but it has to be very good I have said.

User 3: I really like this app. This is one way I can add notes to your blog posts, when I was up. Since the last update, I do not write memory. I lost my body to work in two positions. Used so the S10 helps with the upgrade. I hope that fine will be out soon. Until then, I'll be