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3.4.120 для Android
май 22, 2020

Android Adguard is an ideal solution for Android mobile devices. Unlike other adblockers, Adguard does not require root access and offers a wide range of functions: filtering applications, management, and more applications.

AdGuard, a root ad blocker unique to Android that removes ads in apps and browsers, helps you protect your privacy and manage your applications.

The installation process and idea is simple but powerful and highly customizable - it's all you'll ever need to work on a block Android device and both native and unrooted devices.

Reliable and systematic security AdGuard that instantly filters your involvement without filtering the website. Adguard removes all useless ads from dangerous block charge websites and does not allow anyone to track your activities on the Internet.

Adguard uses native VPN technology to filter traffic without root privileges. This means that the VPN server right is wired to your device so there is no need for additional remote combination. After implementing the application, it is now quiet and a fast start to filter your internet bandwidth.

Blocks ads everywhere

Block the entire system. This includes video ads, and your favorite apps, browsers, games and any website you can imagine. Dozens of ad filters are for you and are updated at regular intervals, guaranteeing the best filter quality.

Concerned about your privacy

We value the privacy of their personal data on anything. With Adguard you can be protected in the online tracker and analysis system trying to steal your confidential information out of the net.

Saves traffic

More lasting blocks are less ads for ads. Last saved low advertising traffic. Adguard simple math! Install the app apk file, and things are usually passing their traffic, rather than wasting gourmet ads on it.

They stay in control

This unit is followed by all, and you have to decide what is spent and what is not. With a variety of settings management tool applications, you can find custom filtering to help you customize your wishes - pro - basic.

Manage your apps

You can completely use any of the mobile/wifi applications and stop it because easy to retrieve it. Control data transmission programs.

Filter optimized

Whatever the reason, they usually have a filter for a particular application or browser? No problem - a cock and filtration out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between an Android Adguard content blocker and an Adguard?

The difference is huge. General content is definitely a limited (and more) browser blockers, but very little advertising is fighting the powerful tools they have available. Adguard is a standalone app for all browsers, Android, and also blocks ads in other apps and the filter quality is so high.

Why Don't Android Adguard Play Google Play?

Google Play Store has a very weird policy towards adblocking. By default, this means that you can block ads on any device, applications are not allowed there except as a weak content blocker only option. How to Play Adguard and Shop Removed

What's the difference between Android and Free Adguard?

Removing ads through the free browser version is great, it is not a traffic filter for other programs. It's also not safe to play browsing.

I can still see ads on some programs and some websites. What should I do?

You probably need to filter HTTPS. Ads load via HTTPS and Adguard is also able to block them. Go to Settings -> HTTPS Filtering and turn it on. The other is to make sure that you are filtering mode, that uses 'high quality' (Settings -> Advanced).

Do I Need Root Access?

No, it's not necessary. Unlike many other ad blocker Adguard VPN modes, block ads can also work on a non-lost device.

Can I Use Different VPN Applications with Adguard?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to run VPN two at the same time on Android, but there are a few ways to work around this limitation. Your device is rooted, or if you only care about the WiFi network ad block, you can switch to Adguard proxy mode and use another app VPN. Checks, then allow certain VPNs to offer this option - as well as some VPNs (eg VPN Drinking, VPN North) to use an upstream proxy.

User Reviews

User 1: Jay Nitai is Gauranga. I can only say I have Adguard content blockers, so I could use this switch on the Samsung browser. 'It's so good that some sites are annoying that their annoying ads are no longer visible to get work. On the LG V30 T phone runs Android 8.0. Jay Nitai Gauranga.

User 2: I was a real Adguard all like you think that blocking ads offer browser applications, including YouTube and many internet security blocks. Why this is not available. I don't have it on your device, but? Edit: About that OK site at PSA. In this case, you will give 4 stars.

User 3: All rights reserved. I used it through your app, but because I don't want to download it from another browser. But I use the app .. strangely my ATT Wi-Fi and T-Mobile data for the past 2 or 3 days because it gave me a DNS. Download Warning has begun working, and when I turn on the WiFi calling. I just downloaded this app and Bitdefender. Both things have decided to run .. To remove the changes in the DNA content of the application I know. That's why I recommend it, easy to leave. 

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