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июн 22, 2020

Install the application on devices smaller than Knickerbocker PCs or laptops. However, just because they are so small, they simply cannot function as a web-based. Besides, this makes it possible for applications, things that Selling to sellers is on potential buyers, you can look through millions of products at World. If this application, we make sure you have absolutely no need to find out before you buy it. It should be able to edit. It may not be available in your country, why the world will be found to avoid the application of controversy, it is you, is not it?

Yes, both the advantages and disadvantages we know will help a lot to get a lot of programs for its own good look. Not to mention, they claim what developers are more than really trying to be. It won't benefit you know about it? If you would like to know, here we are listed below.

Product Description

Amazon Shopping You can store millions of your Amazon order management products and elsewhere. Browse through the Browse section, read prices with friends, reviews, share products and check the status of your orders.

Compare search prices and availability for a picture with a command, a bar code or camera scan, or with your voice. Never had easy access to a power supply and do not miss a deal with the transaction day. You may also sign up for your order and arrive will be sent to ASN. 1-click settings, store and subscribe to order histories, such as full Amazon.com site, full access to your shopping cart, wish lists, payment, and major shipping options. All Amazon Purchase Encrypted Apps come from Amazon to protect your personal information on the server.

Product Features

  • Customers can store millions of apps in the world to store products on every Amazon sites
  • Alexa uses your voice to memory bus products on Amazon to rearrange your orders and your favorite items. Tap the microphone icon and say "Is accessibility for everyone my order?". "Reorder paper towels" or rearrange products" Buy more batteries. "
  • 1-click order can create customer support, take advantage of lists or get a baby or wedding table, order tracking, and more
  • Scan product barcodes and scan images, check availability and price terms
  • Check Gold Box Deals - Includes deals of the day and current offerings and is available automatically when new deals are instructed.
  • E-mail via SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and more products and share link messages
  • Log your order ships and logs for almost automatic loading information
  • Buy with confidence, knowing that all transactions are processed safely


  • A practical application
  • Use for a quick start
  • Fast delivery in fast order
  • Fix 'Error images do not load


  • Change one option to display components
  • Annoying ads keep popping up

Important note about permissions

Please note that purchasing or using the Amazon App requires the following services:

  • Contact: You have sent an Amazon gift card to install your contacts or download the Amazon app.
  • Camera: Use gives the Amazon app a camera on the device. You know, add cameras to use for cover or images products can be found by scanning their barcode and reviewing gift cards or credit cards.
  • Flashlight: The Amazon app allows you to turn on Flashlight. You can also use products with a flashlight using the low light or dark camera detection function.
  • Microphone: The Amazon App Search with your microphone gives you access to communicate and use their voice.
  • The location gives you access to the Amazon app for your location quickly to help local services and addresses.
  • Account: Share products on Amazon to allow you on their friends and family or other social networks via Facebook.
  • Phone: Amazon Offer Amazon Use the fill customer service number assigned to your telephone keypad.
  • Storage: Load some functions and devices can run faster on the Amazon app lets you save your settings.
  • Make Wi-Fi: Then the dash button or hyphens stick is used to make the Amazon application to install permissions.
  • Access: You automatically follow the product used in the Amazon Amazon App Web Store
  • Amazon App Advertising Product Match on Mobile Web Browser: About Other Apps

To use the app

As already mentioned, Amazon shopping for Android is really easy to use. Suppose you need to create an order for the application. You see, all you need and tap into the basket is to add the desired product to your cart. Tap to select the products to be used on the once-used shopping cart. Then tap on checkout and removal instructions. Place your order in your order and tap check to make sure. 

Что нового

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