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5.1.7 для Android
янв 15, 2020

CM Security AppLock Antivirus is a powerful antivirus program that protects against many different types of threats to Android phones. When it comes to anti-malware applications for smartphones, there are very few applications to choose from. Unfortunately, the phones are very specific in order. Many of these options for securing threats YA Virus Security and Automatic Call Block offer a variety of useful features as an extensive part of Antivirus software AppLock. General Chat Chat Lounge

The main security antivirus device is a local and cloud-based engine to protect against threats. It has new applications with SD card and can be used by the user to scan the entire system, including their updates. The scanning process can be provided remotely by a set of sites at any time and even users will be controlled to start. If the device is lost, then only on Google Maps and an intruder can be used to take a picture of the iteration, it may also invalidate the alarm trigger is controlled

This application is specifically for those who call it themselves to protect against all kinds of malicious programs, malware and scams which have been developed for the user. If you download protections for CM Security AppLock Antivirus first I have to decide what you want. The program will then automatically protect your phone for rogue applications which can be harmful. If you download a new application, the software can quickly search through all the files to find potential threats. Download the application updates and all the files that you scan on your application. If you still can scan all, CML Security Phone covers inside AppLock Antivirus, files and applications or watches as SD card on your phone. Deep scans take a while to find out which malware forms must be the most quarantined. Major Security provides additional information about all files, including antivirus AppLock. For this reason, if they are updated, which app is used, and how often to download them. As an added bonus, this app has automatic as well as call blocking feature. To lock the number, you can log in or manually import a complete list of each contact. Those people who often have robocalls and spam calls have a great opportunity to get there.

Overall it is a very good piece of software with a variety of useful functions. Symbolism is ideal for those who do not hold a rich interface and easy-to-understand layout of these technologies, and users can easily create a personal whitelist for all the applications or applications they want to use. Source: https://cm-security-applock-antivirus.jaleco.com/android 

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  • Protect not only your android phone but also your online privacy
  • More powerful scanning and antivirus engine
  • Optimize product speed and performance
  • Fix some known bugs