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Android System WebView Apk

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80.0.3987.149 для Android
мар 18, 2020

Android System WebView, which is powered by Chrome, system component programs. This application allows you to view web content on other Android applications. This component was originally installed on a cell phone. The latest for users to create levers Updating components as well as bug fixes on security features though.

Uninstalling it or deactivating earlier versions is an option for Android and N. Although that recommended option does not use many applications for Android, one person "WebView" open other embedded links. There is another option for app developers. The developer can add its app to the app including the browser's WebView library functionality. It allows you to create a WebView class component for embedding browser applications. It presents punishing and javascript web pages.

In short, Android WebView is the best system application. This app enables the maximum performance of an Android device. If you use Android Marshmallow 6.0 version or earlier, then we strongly recommend you activate the system application for the optimal performance of your mobile devices. These users are running Android 7.0 Nougat because they do not need to enable the WebView WebView care user.


- Display web content helps.

- Runs group background.

- No configuration required.

User Reviews

User 1: There seems to be a problem with my Pixel 3A app update that has been fully implemented (which can be disabled or uninstalled). Never "comes from the set "with the position and the resulting Chrome update. All other applications, such as upgrades, are no longer required for the blocks automatic update feature, you must update the app manually.

User 2: 11 October '19 New update. It was quickly reported to report problems. 8 October '19 WebView installed. Chrome stopped the Settings app, but then I managed to install it; Stopped installing and updating my Pixel 2 restart and it installs successfully for restart. Its essence is only if the problem tries. Good luck.

User 3: This app is just awesome. After each new update of my apps and month crashes when it's not suitable. Always report the problem of reach because they probably ignore it. I have a solution when updating my phone app for 90% breaks. Just open the app is disabled and a standard version of the phone set has been integrated. Finally, auto-disable updates and anytime. That upset no bugs could be bugged with new updates for a better version of the phone. 

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Bug fixes and speedy performance improvements