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Crowdfire: Your Smart Marketer Apk

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4.14.13 для Android
май 12, 2020

Crowdfire is a program that, as its name suggests, we know our user will follow and is following the popular social network Twitter and Instagram to prevent.

Other interesting features apply passive view for us, twitter' and give you a private message to send our new followers along the way. The first followers of these tasks, without more than one tweet that we have, will be able to identify for three or six months to write.

Crowdfire is a very interesting addition to these two social networks that not only allow us to follow us but will make our hands many other tools and more or less useful. The only problem with this application is that some terminals can be unstable to a certain extent.

Crowdfire is a powerful social media tool used by companies and individuals all over the world for social media engagement and development.

Crowdfire Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WordPress, Etsy, Shopify, Medium, 500px, Vimeo and many other platforms.

What can Crowdfire do for you?

  • To support our customers with our reference system.
  • Later they are planned to write your own posts to go.
  • Automatically get articles and photos, find your audience love, so you keep sharing your social profile and your time to share it!
  • Keep an eye out for updates on their website, blog or online shops -; Create a beautiful post, about our easy and updated sharing of all your social profiles
  • Before you plan your posts and choose the best one-time writing automatically. You save a lot of time and effort!
  • Take away the headache of different postures for each individual remotely and completely optimize your posts for your profile!
  • 2 Chrome extensions to share your favorite sites on the Internet for all your social accounts in one simple click!
  • Use the new content RSS functionality to add your favorite websites and blogs as a resource!

Crowds are a favorite among social media managers in the world of fire!

Please send your questions and feedback to [email protected] - our community team is always there for you!


  • You can use Crowdfire for free, but there are some restrictions for free users.
  • You can purchase our membership starter plan and overcome some limitations. The plan is automatically renewed with a 1 month or 12-month plan.

Services offered by Crowdfire:

  • Be accommodating your contributions at any time, and post them scheduled later
  • Find articles your audience wants to see or read. Time with this task alone can be colorful all the time.
  • Stores to update their website, blog or online notification.
  • The recent contribution of updates to sharing all your social media profiles has contributed tremendously
  • List posts now make it even easier with the app. Automatically post the best time or post them at your choice with the application scheduling feature.
  • All of their social media profiles are deployed to customize your contribution.
  • Use your social media profiles to share Chrome extensions from the Internet around your favorite sides, with two simple clicks.
  • The RSS feature allows users to add their favorite websites and blogs to access new content.
  • With analog frequency characteristics; A post can be set to a post several times a month.
  • This is a breeze with how to handle a Twitter account, with its various features
    • Non-trailer
    • Fan
    • Recent Nonfoloars
    • Recent Trailers
    • Disable the following
    • Smart feed
    • All but one
    • Competitive trailer
    • Word
    • Monster Check


  • You will have to pay to access the facilities.
  • Lately there has been a shortage of reach for the briefers. "The dev team has not solved the problem.

User Reviews

Users 1: The crowd fire was great. You can watch related social media (Twitter and Instagram) cancellations, but now it's not just a mess you already have a business profile from your account to come up with accessories from Analytics. I know this is not done with the paid version and to be honest, I couldn't care less, as this application is now useless.

Users 2: Many insects. Web desktop applications are often deprecated or inaccessible. I can't connect to the Instagram profile because the button doesn't work when it is compared to the IG financial account, even if I do. The interface that it takes time or under certain circumstances is pretty bad for many nice things is almost impossible.

Users 3: Since it was set up and planning to contribute for the week it is very easy to get only 2 stars. The other three, as indicated by their statues and links just lose suck! Ernst, I emphasize the search for "comics" and "comedy". What does a soup and a picture have to do with a few berries comics? It was a shortcut to DC Comics, Archie Comics, etc. full-time waste. You can easily find your content for me and apart from that there is definitely a GIF just plan to do it. 

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Bug fixes and improvements.