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2.4.021 для Android
янв 22, 2020

Find my device was formerly known as Android Device Manager. Lose your phone, again and again, Track my device application from Google. Forget where those users were to solve the problem for your Android phone to address the problem.

Find your phone, tablet or PM. Wrong your Android Wear? No one feels confused. Play the sound. Find my device when you take advantage of it near your device track. Lock, delete or show the message. With this app, you can back up conversations with your device and benefits.

Many users, forget their devices in the office, find the problem under the home, bed or pillow and may not lose the device. You cannot get your phone or tablet, just log in to your account from the internet or other Android device. And easily find your Android or card you have to find it in the wrong hands to control the sound of your Android on your device.


  • Your smartphone, tablet, or watch isn't visible on the map. If the current location is not available, you will see the last known position.
  • Use indoor map help you find your device in shopping malls, and other large airport airports,
  • Navigate to your device using Google Maps by tapping the device location and then the card symbol
  • Play a sound at full volume, even if you quiet your device
  • Delete or block locks device with a custom message and phone number on the screen
  • Network and battery status
  • See Hardware Details

Main Functions and Features

Find out why your device works virtually tracker. Many people will use the missing smartphones, tablets and smart watches to see the system they work with. The only place in relation to this question should include the Android operating system. Once activated, those phone coordinates will be displayed using an interactive map. Users can zoom in or out; They happen to be unfamiliar Great with a certain place. All the data has been displayed in a real-time format, it is a very easy part of the potential lost tools.

Among other accessories

While Discover My Device is provided with an excellent tracker, a handful of other powerful options. Screen commands can be locked to prevent unauthorized access. It is also possible to delete any important personal information or execute other messages displayed on the main screen for missing devices.


  • Location: Show your equipment map current location needs
  • Contact: The email address associated with your Google Account needs to be.

User Reviews

User 1: If I have anything against my tools, this app has been tested, it has worked well. Of course, when I found my equipment the phone (primary device) was found to be directly in front of me, shown to be false, was completely operated on. In fact, never show how to ever apply until I come back. Typical Google. Google - Has any problem ever tried an alternative name to get help with anything? Get an email reply? Come closer they warned about the fire? Impossible; His staff is hiding. Get on the phone? No; The longest distance charge I ever got was $ 35 talking and I'm with anyone.

User 2: Previously, if I used one of its three components the Google Chrome Web Browser would lose the application and related services. Well, which is also one of my pills to get great deals on how to find the other two devices, and. Now, this allows me to identify them or play a sound to the chase. I had none of the changes to your Google settings. I don't know what's going on, but I'll find an alternative method for device detection :-(

User 3: One problem! Before I could use all of the baby and pin-up with the ring of my mobile icon (!) There were only a few weeks that often comes a lot of work, suddenly it tells me "no active devices." Fortunately, I get my phone, I'm trying to update all the full phone reconnect and it still doesn't work. Why, there is no way to get in touch with a live person through Google to get help. I'm really disappointed. Others had lost this detection device before I hoped. 

Что нового

  • Support for indoor maps to help you find your device in airports, malls, or other large buildings.
  • Support for work profiles.