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Turbo VPN – Free Unlimited VPN & Secure Hotspot Apk

9 MB
3.2.1 для Android
май 25, 2020

Turbo VPN, you can do anything you want online. It offers unobstructed high-speed VPN you can add the sites you want. You are not even available, do not block videos in your country. Similarly, secure your network and browse. Protect any tracking.

Turbo VPN is the best VPN tunnel, view unlimited for free and unblocked websites and videos. Even bypass programs are blocked and Wi-Fi hotspots protected. Turbo VPN provides 100% free VPN proxy and unlimited free VPN for Android. It's just all sorts of applications other than ease, speed, and efficiency. Turbo VPN, no standard country plans have been placed next to the server. Now we have set up a specific server list in some countries and step by step we will try to test this function soon. On the other hand, a VPN Master Turbo is not a good choice on a VPN.

VPN 100% FREE! High-speed VPN! Best unlimited free VPN client for Android. Turbo VPN - Free VPN proxy, Wi-Fi and secure privacy hotspot that blocks rabbits connecting to websites.

  • Fast - with high-speed VPN connection as a rabbit.
  • Easy - Connect to a Tap VPN proxy server.
  • Most Stable Enter - Free Cloud Proxy Server is a very good VPN service.

Turbo VPN - Free VPN proxy,

  • Firewall bypass school as a school shop and school computer and free VPN proxy.
  • Anonymous addresses are detected and protected by your network traffic protected browse WiFi hotspots. Enjoy Private Browsing.
  • Works with Wi-Fi, LTE, 3G and all mobile data.
  • The OpenVPN information protocol (UDP / TCP) is encrypted.
  • Free Download The Light Now VPN APK Android.


  • It works with Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and LTE
  • VPN 100% FREE! High-speed VPN!
  • Best Unlimited Free VPN for Android.
  • VPN proxy by adding the rabbit through unblocked websites.
  • Secure privacy and secure Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • There is no fast connection to high-speed VPN.
  • VPN is not an easy connection through a faucet with a proxy server.
  • The free cloud proxy server provides a good VPN service.
  • At school, VPN avoids school computers and firewalls as a proxy through Wi-Fi in schools.
  • Interest websites and VPN proxies are not applications published anytime around the world.
  • Protect your network traffic under the Wi-Fi hotspot. Even without being discovered by surf anonymously and safely. Therefore, enjoy private browsing.
  • Encrypted Data with Open VPN Protocol (UDP / TCP)

User Reviews

User 1: Simple and easy to use some like this VPN. Anyone who just needs a short or regular full VPN session. But lately when trying to connect faster, sometimes very slow loads and in the end, just failed. I must quickly select myself from the server to connect to. What makes me sad is when QuickConnect canceled an option there. The only thing I discovered was looking forward and finally loading failure. Oh, and what a long start-up application?

User 2: Then the purchase premium membership does not work. Still, connect to a free server and pay people. Poor app. Even one touch edit them, they give 3 times to open and close or restart updates as a waste of programs. It did, but Google still tried to ask back the free version. And the return won't help. No one will give you your money back. Please do not buy the premium version. Just use the free version. These people do not get their money for free.

User 3: Can't connect to all. Other high, their empty VPN rankings, reliable, speed is very low, but "Turbo-VPN" can connect to your server and when I try to update the server list but got stuck loading. With the same devices and the same WiFi when I pay for my VPN connection, the speed is almost equal to my internet speed. 

Что нового

  • Optimize connection process to connect faster
  • Add more local languages