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The Collector is designed to play as a character wonder about custom champions. An alien who captures both heroes and villains for his personal library people is the perfect vehicle for a card collection game. Marvel has a large number of super-strong individuals Combine this with, and you play a free experience with, a better excuse for its own survival than its competitors. Yes.

Welcome to the competition:

Captain America vs Iron Man! Wolverine vs Hulk! Spider-Man vs. Deadpool! The great war in Marvel history is in your hands! As the greedy big collector of the Thanos universe, Kang the Conqueror is known and has been asked for a duel of epic proportions against many more villains in a line-up nasty! Experience the ultimate free-to-play combat game on your mobile device ... The Champions Marvel Contest!

Suits with friends:

  • Build networks with your friends and strong connections with other Summoners
  • Plan with your affiliation to keep their Champions Aid in battle
  • Fighting and Discovery Cards specially designed to acquire the exclusive Alliance Award Alliance Quest Series Alliance Event Top
  • Meet them around the world to test their ability to connect through Alliance Wars!

Make Your Ultimate Team Champions:

  • Heroes and Villains (Select Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Storm, Star-Lord, Gamora, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Magneto and Winter Soldier Champions strong team)
  • Defeat Kang issued and supported by Thanos research and the total destruction of the Marvel Universe at the mysterious new super powerful cosmic rival challenge
  • Improve the invasion of your team and security trees with many championships

Collect powerful superheroes (and villains!):

  • Gather up the levels and take sides of the hero and your team using the skills in the management team based on seniority bonuses and Marvel Comics villain relationships.
  • Bonus Black Panther and Storm or Cyclops and Wolverine Sign up for a follow-up, or race team to create a team of Guardians of the Galaxy
  • The more powerful the champion, the better his statistics skills and special moves
  • New champion added to be consistent!

Quest action:

  • In a classic Marvel story house with an exciting story in fashion
  • Avengers Tower, Oscorp, Kyln, Wakanda Savage Land, Asgard, S.H.I.E.L.D: Heroes and Marvel Universe are iconic places to fight with a variety of villains like Helicarrier and more!
  • Develops full of dynamic search cards and mobile platform action, especially associated with a healthy dose of access control conflict.

He left the tap, he swiped right

All fans of the genre know the logic of being a fighter and the logic of the Champions Marvel Contest. The left half of the screen is dedicated to saving and blocking, while the right focus, middle and heavy attacks on the right, gives plenty of options as much as a full-blown attacker.

The miracle that the champion's competition is struggling to experience is perfectly round. Each dodge real speed control (quickly the second deepest strategy far beyond the basic style). Similarly, charging the buttons on the screen free of binding control skills instead of selectively waiting for a particular talent rather than returning a player to a powerful strike means binding.

Translated into space this really causes its great champion no problem in the campaign mode. Everyone struggles to meet different ways to achieve your goals in different ways. Some ways are tricky but better product prices (including extra fighters) and if you don't, you can't conclude that it creates a profit experience.

The bigger they are, the harder they hit you

But playing online often against a strong opponent seems like a deck. The action is also layered on a level that is almost impossible for you to play or how to be against another player.

Against the wall multiplayer difficulty myself, I was regularly frustrated. A star Gamora and Wolverine, and a two-star Chariot 10 team defeated 12 fighters from the same level at my level. Annoyingly more, my opponent has a clear strategy on not just mashing the screen, but still my three quick template.

Even if the original system that I have used effectively in conflict. Certainly, that single-stage power is my "mystic" champion, "standing in front of someone with a complete universe" "but it was still impossible to beat the top two levels.

This imbalance can be treated at one stage; After all, if you live for a more powerful character, what you want to pay will be "hit by the weak" opponents online. Multiplayer Baby Disposable, a player can show fun bold and visible smooth animation comic book heroes.

A real winner

Using a simple selection of swipes and taps, the Champions Marvel contest takes on the fighting style of the game and makes it the necessary entertainment behind the strips. Many offers to the famous Marvel heroes in the game fun to play more carefree with a good selection. 

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