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ARM7A_1.166.447 для Android
апр 01, 2020

Hola Free VPN Proxy APK (also known as hola Better Internet) is one of the most interesting navigation tools for Android. First, it allows URL caching to quickly navigate you and thanks to your 3G data rate you allow 70 percent. HTTP is used to trick it to come up to save it.

Restrictions may result from your ISP. Some websites are not entitled to be used based on certain factors, such as sensitive or dangerous content. Other causes scams and viruses, set up smartphone damage on the system. You can install applications from the Play Store, but all you need is to install a special application. The problem appears when the application ban site.

Also, this app has many features to meet your needs, to achieve anything without disabilities. The main feature is a private network security and surfing. This application has reached a lot of browser things. The browser is faster and easier with less advertising. In addition, this application also reduces unnecessary data usage to reduce content. One of the important benefits of the Hola Free VPN Proxy Android is that you have access to changing land surfing use. As it was mentioned above, the app is an alternate IP address to your own hide in another country. This is your activity for basic traffic safety and personal betting.

The user interface is simple and clean. One application for developers is to create this application. They still live to access all functions on this app. You can install other applications through the Securely Restricted website. This app is free and the developer's business package with pay for advanced needs. This is to make adequate use of the application's infrastructure.

With Hola Free VPN Proxy; It can browse the world easily, without having to worry about the open web and security. Hola Free VPN Proxy gives users a better internet experience. VPN service is the route that has the following main features.


  • With Hola Free VPN Proxy, users can now enjoy one of your favorite content variety.
  • Various programs around the world as well as view websites with independence.
  • It provides privacy and anonymity while surfing the web.
  • VPN works by sharing the tools used for its users through a free VPN service that is a peer to Planet peer, providing an easy switch for many countries. And what to create a more open web.
  • Hola VPN service companies pay for a professional service, while currently offering blank.
  • Innovative peer-to-peer network connection allows access to blocked user sites in your area.
  • Unlike most VPN services; Hola VPN mode, you can also browse fast capabilities.
  • It also helps reduce mobile data costs.


  • Some sites can't be opened, and they get stuck on a VPN-to-point charge.
  • It doesn't work with Android Oreo or 8.1 update

Welcome to a Better Web!

  • Max is a free peer-to-peer VPN service, which works to create a more open web for sharing tools used for its users.
  • Paid VPN Service Hola Company Free Professional Version contains your service.
  • Read more about the maximum network.

• Peer to peer access to sites blocked in your country by an innovative peer

• High-speed surfing

• Reduced data costs


  • It may use a restricted site or content.
  • You can change the country for the browser.
  • They are secure, security, and privacy programs.


  • You cannot use smartphones for multitasking capable.

User Reviews

Uses 1: I like the fact that this app, offers free services. This is very useful to me. There are very few VPN applications out there in the Google Play Store, but I can say it is the most trusted and unreliable and messy trusted application, unlike other VPN programs. I have recommended many people. 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Deserves. Keep it up.

Uses 2: A VPN Because this application does not change your IP address, I will continue to be used though in many countries, (which is where I live) a working VPN called Orbot British Suites and the results, it was not, it was actually you. Results from other countries. (Little tip is countries are looking for fake VPNs in many countries to get servers and so companies, a dead giveaway that interfere with them, say this China, create a VPN, in which China VPN fake is illegal)

Uses 3: All recommended. The best VPN wasn't always included, Eve. It's simple and works like a charm. Now with a single click, I can change my free fire server. Thank you for this wonderful free VPN. My country is supported online purchases, so I have a premium version of happiness, though they give no clear. 

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