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1.68.1 สำหรับ Android
ส.ค. 13, 2563

Temple Run 2 will bring surprises to fans on it as the original. The boy can play four different looking characters: the dangerous Scarlet Fox, Karma Lee, and Barry Bones. Should the Temple Guardian escape from the evil demon monkey chase, they still will not run, jump, slide and in turn, you have to navigate rocks, zip lines, mines, and forests.

Temple Run 2 game is similar to the original. Swipe your finger over the pit to jump the screen up and over obstacles; Run your finger down the duck and slide under the ceiling and mesh over time, making the swipe left or your finger right on the screen with a sharp turn; Tilt your device to avoid the dangers of hair loss and collect gifts in the process.

Power-ups and unlocked content can be purchased or purchased with game earned coins, or you can buy currency transactions. Temple Run 2 is really a buy, it's not a force but Mango easily packs appeal to buy coins.

If you've played the original Temple Run both look familiar as a result at the same time, and you should want each new one. The graphics have changed to provide a visually-happy experience, while the action is as consistent and more responsive than ever before!


  • Beautiful new graphics
  • Gorgeous new biological environment
  • New obstacles
  • More powerup
  • Other achievements
  • Special forces for each character
  • Big monkey !!!


  • High addiction level
  • Extends more 3D graphics and realistic environment
  • Obstacles and features variables


  • The lowercase letters cannot be optioned and adjusted
  • An important change compared to the previous version.

How to play

The purpose of the live game to stay and get a high score. However, storing a coin can be a fatal decision in certain situations. Instead focus on collecting coins, which comes in the next track. Do not forget that the green gem is no exception in this case. It can be used as a special gem for characters to retrieve. Then, when jumping sliding or turning. It can save lives. In addition, it usually contains special power-ups, which are intersections.

Right up, double the magnetic power coin price and mega coin to unlock. This will help to get the player to unlock faster and faster coins of other powers. Also, try the above to know each obstacle pattern. One step forward on the level of the player comes the obstacles quickly you can jump after turn after jump slide, and be ready to move them.


  • For a limited time, we welcome back his steady work.
  • Global challenges are here with a holiday twist!
  • Spread excitement with special holiday artifacts and letters! 


One of the hottest releases of the year! Grab your favorite runner and race through the lava flows of Volcano Island! Runner beware - new dangers lurk around every turn!