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In addition to MX players, pre-installed players are mostly used for Android movie and MPEG4 players. The player has more controls and features for users, while movies on an Android device. Video player offers more flexibility than just VLC or other video players. General Chat Chat Lounge

Please note that you have purchased the MX Pro with the subscription you need to update the APK file. MX Ad-free version. MX Player offers hardware acceleration, multi-core decoding subtitle gestures and more. If you do not want to buy, you can still get the standard version of MX Player. It's free from the Play Store and on our website. All it can do is apply some standard video player. It also comes with some additional features that are useful.

MX Player Pro supports almost all popular codecs and video formats AVI, DIVX, FLV, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, WebM, WMV, XVID and more. If you try to run an unsupported file, MX Player will most likely prompt you to install an additional free codec pack to solve this problem.

Play a movie with subtitles on your phone

The MX Player Pro also has excellent support for subtitles. Not only can it handle multiple subtitle tracks, text style and text color, but you can read more than a dozen different subtitle formats: SSA, SMI, SRT, sub, IDX, MPL, TXT and more. General Chat Chat Lounge You can use gestures to zoom the text size, move the text on the screen, or jump the front/back case, it syncs with the video.

Features of MX Player Pro

  • Network stream playback. How can MX Player cloud storage of video files, as long as you directly stream to the Internet as URL? It can't (worth a try if you only use the YouTube app), without a lot of complicated, tricks of sites like YouTube.
  • Resume playback You can start by placing a playback app or a stop in the middle of the video, then return to the MX player later where they last left - or it starts. It will ask which you choose.
  • Background audio playback. If this setting is enabled and the MX Player allows you to take even a request for a hearing, such as a text message or web address and some switches need to be reduced to watch your video play.
  • Child mode. If you like, play a video to their kids, but to open them so other programs stop calling, it's best for less or impossible apps.

Subtitle formats:

  • DVD, DVB SSA / Stupid subtitles.
  • Suburban Alpha (Kssa / Kass) with Full Styles.
  • Sami Ruby Tag Support (SMI).
  • SubRip (SRT)
  • MicroDVD (KSub)
  • PreSub (KSub / Kidksh)
  • SubViewer2.0 (KSub)
  • Nfla2 (.ampiel)
  • Tnflyer (Ktkrsht)
  • Teletex
  • Fish (Kpjs)
  • WebVTT (Kwtt)

Advantages of MX Player Pro

Zero advertising

A free version of MX Player is already a full cable version, thanks to the generous developer behind the MX Player. But the MX Player Pro version makes the experience even better. You only watch the video on the free version, for example, if you are connected to the internet, you have a lot of intrusive ads when you close the video. MX Player Pro Edition, there is no advertisement at all.

100% Support for Subtitles

Media Player does not support most of the available subtitle formats market. SRT uses the well-known worldwide subtitle format. But there are times when video with such .ids and so strange subtitle format comes up. Many media players do not support this file format. But full support MX Player Pro offers all subtitle file formats. 


We heard you and are excited to bring you a set of new features. Try them out now:
  • Private Folder feature.Keep sensitive video/audio content on your phone away from prying eyes!
  • SMB protocol support. Now easily access network files as if they were on your phone.
  • Navigation Drawer, with which you can now quickly access all MX Player features.
  • Also the Share support for all file types.
  • Improvements on Picture-in-Picture experience.