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The Opera browser for Android is the most popular web browser on the Android platform. It is based on your mobile and usable desktop versions of Blink Engine Google Chrome. Opera ad blocker, easy access to multiple search engines, text-wrap, and cool Ability to force a website to add loads of desktop versions to add lots of features.

The opera browser is partial block ads. There's also a video compressor to protect the data and a dashboard where news and favorites can be saved. With its synchronization function, you can sync all your browser settings through the Android version of the application desktop version. The Android version of Opera supports an integrated VPN service, requiring a separate VPN program to be available for download. You can see the data compression function and store information to make sure the data is safe on the web. Opera, you've got four compression levels, low, medium and high. You can select compressed video images alone.

Night mode allows you easy to read and use at night use. It also lets an artificial news engine tell you stories based on your location, which is tailored. You can use cryptocurrency built-in binder to use crypto for your digital currency to keep you safe.

For more information visit Opera Mobile for you, you can learn more about the Opera Browser. Some Opera browsers such as UC Browser Mini, UC Browser HD, Opera Mini Apps. If you want to write a review, set this application and rate it on our website. Download as fast as our speed and difficult to provide direct links to all versions of the free Opera browser available.

Top Features

Block ads for fast browsing:

Native Ad Blocker Opera effectively helps you get rid of intrusive ads and your pages to quickly optimize your browsing experience. Now we've added the ability to annoy the vast majority of annoying cookies and privacy dialogue.

Free unlimited and create VPN:

Making us free and with a VPN can improve your privacy and security. The current Opera VPN will be replaced with a private mode and your IP address virtual order to avoid unnecessarily split location and identification information.

Personalized news feed:

Run by our smart artificial news engine, the reboot newsfeed has enabled active users to subscribe to their favorite topics swipe news channels within the browser and save stories after reading. Especially the news is especially AI-made to suit your interests.

Night Format:

Opera night mode dark eyestrain gives you the most comfortable reading experience while minimizing adjustable lighting options. Night mode is easily accessible from the main menu.

Fill passwords and auto-manage credit cards:

Autofill Store Save passwords page through secure automatic opt-in and payment information online page.

Private browsing:

Secret device is used anywhere on the Internet without leaving a scar on the Personal tab. Changing gallery Easily tab between personal and general surfing.

Easy to read on any screen:

Opera browser optimizes text size settings, which also optimizes the pages you read. More importantly, it works perfectly together with our automatic text wrap feature a unique reading experience.

Manage downloads

Our new Download Manager files make it easier to download than ever! You can easily sort every download item and partition from your phone to remove or update it or with a quick swipe left from the download list. We must also support the download background, as the download progresses, but open another app!

Home screen shortcut:

Android version 7.1 or later, quick access to QR code, open new private tab or scan on Opera home screen. To create a screen shortcut in your own home, long click on the Opera icon on the device's home screen and tap the desired function.

Other highlights

Browser Startup Option:

Everyone is different, so we always open the new tab or with the browser to select the browser from where you left off, and deselect the closed or open tabs, leaving the browser protected.

Sync your Opera Tools:

Use it with your own opera on all your bookmarks from other devices, speed dial shortcuts and open tabs. Opera on Android can now easily synchronize with the Opera browser for computers.

In the home screen:

There is faster access to any site on the home screen of the device directly. Websites like Facebook, you can send type push notifications, app.

What is Opera?

Opera is a free award-winning web browser, developed by Opera Software. It is just as similar to Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome than other browsers on the market, and includes a number of functions that make it especially popular with security and privacy-conscious users.

Opera is free?

Web Browser is a freeware license, which means that the user is financially priced to operate. Basically, the browser works on demo products support, requiring purchase after a free trial period, however, in 2000 the practice ended for many years, showing a free version can be removed after paying ads. However, all versions of Opera have been completely released since 2005.

Is Opera safe?

The browser is secure and really includes a number that makes it superior to other browsers more secure, including VPN support and advanced security and privacy features including phishing and malware protection.

Opera Advertising Proposes Blocking?

The browser comes with its own built-in display technology blocks, no add-ons required plug-ins or additional installations. To use this feature, users just need to switch to a display within the browser's main adjustment lock function. There are some exceptions and user-defined blocklists can be managed in the same place.

What is Opera Turbo?

Turbo "compression technology is used to improve browsing speed. Although pages cut opera, the page can be compressed, which is much quicker to provide and identify resulting pieces of less data used. This is especially useful for those with slow connections or depending on the amount of data, people pay to use.

What is a VPN?

The browser provides an integrated VPN services, which is used for virtual private networks. It shows an option that a user can install via a VPN service provider over an Internet-based connection. It then creates a public Internet connection to the private network, so you establish a secure, encrypted connection for the user.

What are the benefits of using a VPN?

Prying if the benefits of the Internet can be seen on many VPNs using blocking, but the user does not include IP encryption or addresses the history of browser history via sensor sites, providing an extra layer of shield protection and Wi-Fi access to the public.

Can guests use Opera Turbo and VPN services?

Unfortunately, for security reasons, it is not possible to use both functions simultaneously. The Turbo Work Opera server has six months to log data feeds and customer support information. However, this means that users who respect privacy via the two-way function are incompatible with each other's disabilities.

No other available platform browsers?

In addition to the Windows version browser, it is available on Android and Mac platforms.

How often has the browser been updated?

The browser is updated to add new features, improve security, and regularly improve performance. The pattern has been updated annually in eight years in recent years. 


Thanks for choosing Opera! This version includes improvements to the offline pages, YouTube app support, quicker Speed Dial access, and new Crypto Wallet features. More changes:
  • Chromium 81
  • Support for Acceptable Ads