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QQ· Li Communication

√ More than 90% of the service mobile Internet users

√ Multiple videos and files and mutual transmissions to meet constant communication needs to meet innovation

√ bound to create fun advertising, entertainment, and life experience

The main task

· News Chat: Send and contact friends and group message anytime, one-button anywhere.

· Voice Calls: Two people, more than one person voice call, high definition chat.

· Video chat: Missed completely for friends and family.

. File transfer: Mobile phones, computers, multi-terminal transmission, convenient and fast.

· Learn about spatial mobility: The dynamics of your friends are part of your life and life moves fast.

· Personal Dress Up Themes, business cards, ringtones, free to choose, bubble trailers.

· Sports center: thus mobile games, like every day, can stop all people, not everyone.

· Mobile Payments: Load phone bills, online shopping, migration and storage, all available.

. Chat to have a satisfying conversation with 900 million people for 18 years!


Please contact us if you experience problems using:

- Online help: Enter QQ settings -> About QQ -> Help and feedback

- Customer Service Hotline: 0755 -83763333 (Service Hours: 23:00 to 8:00)

What is new

[Micro View Friends, New Online]

- Invite your friends to play a little video and get unlimited creativity.

- New freely added variety of quality filters that switch, styles for the switch from one shooter to another!

- Support adding dynamic albums, music and a mix of stickers, photos, and videos to create your own movie-rich effects!


  • 新增面对面加好友功能,输入相同数字即可成为Q友;
  • 群公告可支持确认,重要信息及时提醒,高效通知便捷管理;
  • 个人资料新增随心贴功能,贴出祝福分享快乐,拉近与好友的距离;
  • 图片文字提取功能升级,精准识别翻译、快捷复制转发,简单操作更高效。