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Haz 16, 2020

Guns of Boom - Online Shooter was developed for Android mobile devices, so you can seamlessly experience and intuitive control you feel you can expect it to do in the middle of the battlefield. Is optimized for

You are ready to collect weapons and fight with this action-packed game fight, practice their skills to kill your enemy. You know, it should determine its own strategy to find the best way to defeat your opponents, and you might have the opportunity to kill the bad guys a team better with other soldiers.

Boom Guns - an online shooter with amazing graphics that will last for hours of animation and exciting levels. When playing a team, you have a good chance of destroying your enemies, so you receive good rewards because trying to play an important role will hold more active.

You can choose from all 48 different weapons with their own features and benefits, submachine guns, assault rifles and shotguns with just a few names. Choose your weapons wisely and see which one fits your playing style best.


  • Control, which you can find hanging by the players is easy and convenient at the very beginning and began to build order.
  • PvP style allows more than one user to enjoy different fighting team fighting experience for various maps and modes.
  • The game makes things with the following, you can customize your own hero.
    • Combining different features.
    • Comb equipment capabilities.
    • Game cosmetic options, how to use hundreds of spectacular.
  • The user game can never get you bored with these updates.
    • In addition to the new content constantly.
    • Colorful events of the past have become.
  • Game developers just have to think about it with interest and avoid the more fun things about bored players.
  • The presence of Pro mode PP allows users to activate players in the fight against popular teams around the world of eSports events. This is an FPS game really competitive.

Simple and intuitive control: Get used to the game and learn how to start climbing the ranks!

  • Clear graphics and support for older devices: Keep breathtaking scenery glued to the screen, while hardware requirements will be very moderate.
  • Team fun across multiple maps and game modes:  Enjoy exciting PvP fights. Action adrenaline never stops in the movie too much!
  • Character Requirements: Combine various features and equipment abilities to create hundreds of cosmetics with the perfect look, unique heroes and Because before build flexible, just make your playing style easier.
  • Events with regular updates and continuous content, new features and events adding color-based themes, you won't get bored. This game will show off right now!
  • Pro Play Mode: eSports event with famous team players from around the world. Can Mobile FPS Really Be Competitive? Absolutely!


We have huge cash prizes, extensive media coverage and millions of viewers hosting large online and offline hosting tournaments. There are four teams, including the Special First Competition Season, North America and European teams and the $ 200,000 prize pool in 2018, the second season taking $ 500,000 in 2019, and Latin America, South Asia, India, and Australia. Action Competition Join an opportunity on a larger live audience against the world's largest e-sports arena. Waiting for Fame and Money!


  • Some cards are broken or damaged. You get the clear view that these teams get sniper opposing teams.
  • 4 or 5 really spent money on order weapons, which is totally annoying to update for a free game.
  • If accidentally disconnected, the bonus begins to disappear.

User Reviews

User 1: Love, but the player in the game didn't transfer to a new platform, telling me they could find my player! Since then I think back to me that I was spending hundreds of dollars on your original players that they wanted. Uninstall all concerned games because they spent money on my game. I loved by many a furious game! Was level 28

User 2: Team balance is useless. I liked this game until recently. Blow Updates If you have levels, they are wonderful new game mode you can all add strength to play them. Absolutely Awesome mode ... Option destroys the game. If you buy a weapon (sunshine pays $ 50- $ 100 you are slaughtered).

User 3: I highly recommend this app, love is not unlocked, unfortunately, for some reason, they blocked your account but even after I tried to reinstall it in Google's Play Store I have to change the fraud or software, my account demands that my account is not compromised. If not again recover every sport, ". * Made 5 changes to fit the problem of support reviews. 

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Update 16.1 - new activity and UI improvements
  • Get more info at a glance from the final screen of the fight: season and league progress, rewards, battle achievements, and a button to stay as a team!
  • Compete more: get assigned to one of the skill groups, and fight your way to the top for bragging rights and a special marking on your insignia.
  • You can now open the Schedule on the loading screen. It’s like reading the morning paper at breakfast, but fun.