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Tem 31, 2020

Lords Mobile is a strategy game. Real-time strategy is to increase players immersed in the chaotic world, and they are increased by a powerful army. Travel around the world of games about players in the form of recruiting foreign heroes. The hero is also susceptible by the enemies he is taken in and redeemed. The recruiting strategy is divided into three sections: daily resource management, siege against rival kingdoms and new heroes in mighty combat. The game is also a community feature. Where players have come to join either play or improve your game can be one of your experiences.

The world has changed since the death of the first emperor. Breaking their ambition and even the state is driven by greed, God studied strength and peace. The country has been subdivided into a series of hit countries, some of the right heirs say of their own throne. Depth increases the country of countless wars destroyed monsters. The infinite king of glory and power has begun the war, and it's time to go to war heroes ...

What wonderful, powerful leaders and foreigners of war-torn enemy monsters and chaotic Discover gentlemen have been brought in by magical lands. Big Fortress Empire Restore the balance of this RPG Contest Power! Conquer recruiting heroes and warlords, alliances and soldiers to fight! Defeat your enemies and win and expand our kingdom in these games! How to fight through some epic battles and this real-time strategy is establishing itself as one of the great leaders of the World War and Mobile MMORPG Empire game!

Open World MMORPG Kingdom: A Mighty Empire That Builds and Wins

Win, research and MMO to clash with other players to save your castle and save you to win! Fight against players in an open world on a social platform connecting millions and millions!

Their state-protected area

Defend his kingdom's fortress at his expense to his combat troops and battle heroes to definitely defeat a dragon and defeat the rulers at any cost. A perfect war strategy requires an impenetrable defense!

Find friends and fight!

Fight and attack with its status ancillaries and strategies, and drive this epic mobile MMORPG battles multiplayer as a society to overwhelm your enemies!

Warlords rule as emperors

Generate an MMO multiplayer strategy Battle Royal for the kingdom, and claim the throne of the sports empire as a winner! Will his legacy as a conqueror and king be direct or cruel?

Struggle with mighty heroes

Recruit and battle the heroes for their battle with legendary skills and upgrade the King's War! Attack them to fight for victory, conquer enemy states, and they will be accepted to meet the RPG campaign!

Master your Emperor's war strategy

Plan your strategy for the upcoming battle! Improve your multiplayer combat strategy counters and with various military installations! Find the Way to Enemy Warlords to Win Mobile MMORPGs!

Different types of soldiers fighting epic multiplayer

Lead your warrior and soldiers into the cult wars as king emperor! Choose the type of soldiers and survive on the battlefield: infantry, cavalry, archers, siege, or mix!

Switching states

An easy battle to set up your empire with a tap-in-the-war strategy of MMORPG on every server, explore new countries!

Choose your warpath: war or business

Depending on business, make friends with Treasure Hunt, financial empire and alliances, or take an aggressive player will attack and win adverse states! Will you free the prisoners of war? Or does your army crush the dust? It is your battle strategy and battle strategy to create! The village builder and way of doing the game no state!

Playing Tips

  • If you want your changes to the current kingdom, level 5 of the castle may first replace it with you to reward suggestions
  • Join a Guild. Especially if you're in the game again. Join a guild and watch one day after an active member. You can ask them for suggestions. Another benefit is that in our society, breast is a member of gambling every time you consider buying jewelry or packet equipment. Just make sure you have to join.
  • Keep training your army. Part 1 ranked team after home game. After all, they are fast to train and low maintenance cheap.
  • Hunting monsters. If you do, you will find a huge amount of speedups with the tool pack. Even the last hitting members of a hunting field in our society are frostbite.

User Reviews

User 1: I do not recommend the game where I would start this. As long as you win it is a good game, losing its first fight and paying a little gritty, but not as bad. It snowballs for a few hours quickly undo and you can. If you have 100k survivors ish and a bunch of hospitals, if you lose 200K troops, there are 25 days 4K / day troops until you have that amount of money, two months, then you need to have lost days at a time now that can progress. Or I return for 2 months.

User 2: Attractive and fun. However, a big-money case. Unless you are okay with money on something, you are never the only free play physical. I'm not a fan of getting sneaky together trying to claim to be people they spend money on. So three stars. And he refused to help me with a situation. Now I unlocked the T4 player it's boring. The only reason I still have social interaction.

User 3: Spying was almost never or I could see attacking stop things, I would pop up with tons of 4-hour shield, and the moment you always open the game and win a bunch of messages every day to save unnecessary. I have been one of the people I have found in our society and some have that. And I really don't add gem math because of the things it doesn't get much. Hang in 24 hours slopes in 1,000 10,000 7 days ...? 

Ne var ne yok

  • Added Daily Quests (Check Quest Board for more info)
  • Dragon Arena: Get free Dragonwing Boots when you enter the Arena. These will expire once you leave. Reduced number of Strongholds for higher Leagues
  • Darknest Upgrade: Added Lv 6 Darknests! Get Lv 26+ Dark Essences! (Unavailable in protected Kingdoms) Familiars will use their Army Talents in some Lv 5 Darknests
  • Guild Bash: Event prizes increased. Added levels. Guilds will enter the corresponding level according to their Guild Fest Gauntlet