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IMO is a messaging app. It offers things like video calling and communication with text files. Message and free call to your friends and family, no matter what they are or what device you are! SMS and phone call charges or unlimited messages. Avoid sending video and voice calls over 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi connections.

IMO are a popular chat and video program. But it and the recent video traction made as hot video telephony programs. The app is completely easy to open and use. Once you have downloaded the IMO Contacts Synchronization app you need to call after scanning phone contacts. You can already contact users IMO for free or by telephone.

IMO is a program that combines computer users and mobile users and offers the possibility to use in different situations. In addition, it is an active option, allowing people to chat or interact with others.

You can send IMO text, photos, and videos. In addition to this, you can talk about WiFi or 3G access - all from a simple interface where you can register all of your accounts for maximum enjoyment. In addition, you can create short videos and share them with your contacts. IMO has implemented very simple communication that you can communicate with all your friends quickly. You may also first have to try the latest features.

Within the application; You use modules to display their user ID and the likelihood of your transaction on a specific ID to create users and make transactions. Imo.im for more info Go

IMO messenger

  • You can send any text or audio messages to your friends IMO IMO.
  • Make an audio or video call with your friends and family. Or you can call a group and have people.
  • You can add appealing features to make your messages emoji, stickers, and other recipes.
  • Sharing videos and photos is easy and as fun as any other application.
  • You can easily block annoying contacts.
  • The one person you are calling is online, on-screen "will be written to a ringing call." If it is not online, "Call" will be written to the screen.
  • You can create groups by adding more people to the group chat.
  • And just like WhatsApp, last seen it is like contacts mode.

Audio and video calls

In IMO with audio and video calls, you can call for free and with your friends and family for free. Even though they are foreign objects, they are always the best option for you.

(Messaging, text, voice)

Free messages to your friends everywhere


History images, text videos, and archive positions are a good place for you. They can interact with their friends and friends of friends.

Ability to pass files IMO

Files are sent quickly and easily IMO. You can transfer music, videos, pdf, etc. without restriction. Is there a file size limit? Oh, yeah, more than 10G.

Large group

Join or create a group that interests you and meets a group of people with the same interest.


ImoZones are common interests with high-quality content and experience with various topics, which people get together with.

(Work is currently only available in some countries.)


Decorate your profile with music widget background, slogan, bio, you set your profile own.

Who's Online

Meet the people who are online now, making you waving someone interested in a friend. In response to another unfamiliar wave, you can then start chatting.

(Work is currently only available in some countries.)

Friends in the world

World of Friends Some of their stories can be seen with your friends in your life and anyone who is part of the world.

(Work is currently only available in some countries.)

Chat room

Who meets with people in chat rooms in various locations across the country, and from friends. Chat voice chat de text can be sent.

IMO levels

Get IMO active day and store online levels. IMO and stay active IMO can increase. The more fun you can experience the higher the level. 

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  • network improvements
  • call improvements