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Ağu 10, 2020

Ludo King Pachisi Modern Edition Imperial Game. A Ludo game that was played between Indian kings and queens of ancient times. Get on the center of Ludo dice and move your token Ludo board. Beat other players, Ludo is king.

Follow the traditional rules of the Ludo King and watch the old school Ludo game. The Ludo game has evolved over the centuries to your mobile phone. Just rely on the kings and queens of India's golden age to dice their destiny and roll their strategy to move the token effectively.

Ludo King game to share friends common space by connecting sharing options with your Facebook friends or addressing media. Through this game you can connect with people from all over the world. You can also stay with friends or people chatting while playing this game. All Parcheesi game is an entertaining game, so to understand the fun game of Ludo King.

Ludo King is a friend and family once played by your family and friends kings now this is a game they can enjoy. Ludo gameplay seems at the beginning, the Ludo game is extremely enjoyable and challenging. They are provided to be your entertainment and the whole family for hours playing Ludo. Try to compete for the highest score to beat your opponents and ludo rankings.

Ludo King Features

  • No internet connection required! Play against the computer.
  • Get your family and friends to play through local and online multiplayer.
  • 2 6 player local multiplayer mode.
  • Play nine competitive online multiplayer modes through the game room.
  • Invite and challenge your Facebook friends in the room and let them beat Ludo King's own game.
  • Play with the players and make them your partner.
  • Chat privately with your Facebook friends and friends.
  • Send yourself the express, emoji by returning your opponents.
  • Play snakes and ladders are seven different forms of different pitches.
  • Simple rules that can be followed by players of all ages.
  • Graphics with a classic and a royal gaming experience.

The purpose and condition of the game

Vs Computer:

This happens for an offline game against Ludo King and his artificial ones that you are looking to kill in a timely mode. Just hold the dice to get six on the run, and the first one will complete the race on board at the time of the new token.

Local players:

This game is another off-line mode offered. In this method, you can play with family or friends. Up to four players can play on the device in this method.

Play with your friends:

Offer games in online mode. There are local players, but in fact, there is a slight difference in the way the player is not physically present. All you have to do is create code in your room and share it with the people you want to play with. You will also be able to interact with online players with preset messages.

Online multiplayer:

It's in another online mode and allows you to play Ludo King with random players. This mode is similar to "play with friends ", but you can play against the game for everyone. A new dimension is known as sports betting as well as coins.

Ludo King plays board games full time. He played ludo in his childhood, now played on your phone and tablet.

Similarly, the skeptical game Snake and CD structure. As a ludo, you can get this board game played when you were young. Ludo King is now a new level because of the classic, including this game. The goal is simple: you start with 1, but after making 100, you can use the number to move the same number of tiles because the first roll, which only one die. As the name suggests, the board is covered with snakes and ladders. When you come to the same tile as the start of a ladder, you can take the shortcut steps and move up. But if you land on the mouth of a snake, then its tail is up. Ups and downs A game of snakes and ladders has been a firm favorite; now you can play with the ludo king at any time.

What is new:

  • New Super Live Theme !!!
  • Real chat with friends and friends
  • Auto-step system (assuming that scam is no longer allowed!)
  • Resume game (got a phone? Don't worry!)
  • Make a trip around the world
  • Facebook friends/partners request
  • Improved online connectivity
  • Save/load Ludo game options
  • Level up your system with player stats and XP
  • More user-friendly interface
  • Improved support for low-end devices
  • Updates and enhancements

User Reviews

User 1: Disgusting, I don't know how, but I'm partial to game opponents. I only lost the last 15 games where the whole game, the game I took. The opponent gets a good role, but I only have one, and you get 3 to correct this hatred .... if there is a problem. I uninstall!

User 2: Play with the most boat time. Games come recurring and predict simple strategies to play. As such, you only need to number one and the other player bound to end his round, he will always get 1, oh at least he can never get to play this time with different strategies. Fixed festival patterns. It can't be wrong for millions of users. Everyone says that everything has improved. It is not recommended. Uninstall ...

User 3: This app is very good. But when I update my application to the latest version, show up online all 24 * 7 for free. I think this is a bug in the new update. Please correct this error as soon as possible so I can see who is actually online. I gave 5 stars to this app earlier but because of this bug now I edited my rating.

Ne var ne yok

  • Voice Chat Available
  • Buddies issue fixes
  • bug fixes