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Viber, a free, easy, fast and secure messaging and telephony app. Messenger of choice for more than 1 billion users worldwide! Now speak free text and high-quality clean phones.

Viber is completely free. All you need is a data plan or a Wi-Fi connection and you're ready. Send free international calls, text messages, open group chats, and more! Download Viber with people connected today, no matter who they are or where they are.

Viber Money allows you without having to call your loved ones. All you need is an internet connection. You can send your pictures to your friends and family members. You can also send messages or private text voice calls or Whatsapp.

It was probably the first idea to get one of the most popular means of communication between smartphone users WhatsApp Messenger. Viber was not able to provide user-friendly features that cause their downfall. The new update ended up with enhanced end-to-end encryption, but it also came back a month after WhatsApp, which tells itself.

In this app, there is a sticker shop where you can get the latest sticker according to their mood and current status of your chat. If you install this app on your Android device, the application asks you to access your contact list. Thus, the application selects contact with Viber installed on your device.

Usage and features

Installing Viber Android smartphones is pretty straight forward. Enter your phone number and username followed by the application prompt screen download. The user registers with this radical and his / her mobile number. Like most messaging services, Viber verifies your account by sending a text message to your phone.

After this procedure, the application asks for some media and gallery permission for how phonebook access permissions. In order to work properly and to synchronize your device and contacts that are already on Viber, the application does not need these permissions.

A new example is a group or a Viber drive-up list so you can quickly start accessing all your contacts no big blue plus button messaging.

Your current chat is displayed in the Leave tab. The interesting thing is that when you call for any other Viber users, it also creates an entry in the chat tab. Including whether incoming or outgoing call information was completed, says the far right tab.

The center tab touches, reflecting the touch on your phone. Viber users are presented with a purple symbol. Lots of free calls, free messages, the ability to make video calls and Viber-give-out calls which happen to make regular phone basic calls. Do not use a Viber tap on the login, and you have the opportunity to call them a Viber invite. If you want to know more about this application you can Viber Support for more information.

Why is the Best Viber Messaging App for You?

Fully desktop and tablet synchronized applications

Viber is fully synced with computers and laptops. You can view all your messages and calls, and chat with them right from your desktop or Android tablet.

Free audio and video calls

Clean audio and video instant free for friends and family!

Low-cost calls from Viber landline

Landline, non-Viber users or call someone a mobile phone with Viber low-cost internet service and international calls service.

Send a free message

Communication has never been easier. Get a free or free text message Share a photo, sticker or GIF, video or other file.

Open a group chat

250 members chat group open friends to meet with family and colleagues.

Chat and call with 100% privacy

Thanks to any kind of Viber end encryption information will always be out between the person sharing and the discussion. Each message you create encrypted code that only your device sends its way to your device as receiver translated into clear text using an encryption key. The encryption key is only for device users and nowhere else, so no one -. Also Viber - you can read your message.

Destroy your secret chats on your own

So then every time in their message conversation starts to destroy itself just to start the message, it is removed from the recipient's phone, please read a secret chat.

Express yourself with GIFs and stickers as well

Only words can say! All your senses with more than endless GIFs, and more than 35,000 sticker stickers in the Viber market.

Viber community with unlimited members

So no matter what you are interested in you can start your own Viber community now! An unlimited number of people negotiate around a common theme or passion. The new features provide a unique chat administrative control over chat as well as never before in the room where you get to call all the shots. 

Enrich your conversations with chat extensions

Spice up your conversations with a variety of useful enhancements, chat including your favorite links, GIFs and videos, Yelp, YouTube, Booking, Spotify and more.

Viber subscription minutes bundled to a specific destination, taking mobile phones into the app and buying monthly plans on a weekly basis. They have confirmed that when you subscribe to purchase through iTunes, payment will be taken to your iTunes account. Automatic renewal automatically renews the current period by at least 24 hours before the end of time. Your account selection plan will be calculated for renewal every 24 hours before the end of the current period. You need to close your iTunes account settings at any time to manage your subscription and visit automatic renewal.

And more:

  • Mention friends in a group, so they do not miss anything
  • Broadcast messages to multiple contacts
  • Top pin messages on your group screen
  • Please reply to the group chat specific message
  • Share your location
  • Exchange links with friends


  • No need to sync phone numbers, username or password
  • Send free text chat, voice and video calls, photos and videos to individuals or groups
  • To transfer connection to desktop trusted data
  • Established and slightly application


  • To block the call feature
  • Support a tablet platform
  • Poor quality than WhatsApp and Skype
  • A secure and private communication

What is Viber?

This application can communicate in a particular way, user text, phone call or video call to each other. Messages can also be immediately available to users and between images and clips and the user is sent that can be called for almost every country in the world.

Is Viber Free?

It's totally free to call and send all sorts of other user messages to different countries around the world. However, you have to make a free call to the person to take the free service or message and also use it to take advantage of the installed software.

Are there any hidden costs?

Just free, name service, person software you like or install message so. Phone calls can also be made to other fixed or mobile phones in the world, though it should be noted that the charge for these calls is there.

You must create an account?

Those who want to use the software need to download the app before it works. Then download the app and install it, so your name is required to register phone number and email address that will appear confirmation of other users and email registration.

Can Viber Be Used To Call A Landline?

Also, the world can be added with landline phone software, though there is an extra charge of this type of call and the charge will be decided by the operator. The fact is that you can get anyone in the smartphone world, make phone calls, but charge if they have not installed the software.

Need Viber Wi-Fi Connection?

Call on any idea such as 3G internet connection 4G or Wi-Fi and use of the software is not required to send messages. Wi-Fi at home and abroad when possible roaming and avoiding app call fees.

Is Viber video calls safe?

State of the manufacturer software, they are committed to privacy and the safety of our customers. They are so, that they receive end-to-end encryption that all messages, voice and video calls and other types of information are encrypted as soon as they are sent to the intended recipient.

Can Viber Be Used On PC?

The ability of those who use a wide range of different types of Windows, MacOS and Linux to manage how to use software enabled systems on their PC. However, the new version of the operating system connected to the program can use the fastest and best results will be enjoyed with the latest version.

Huge amount of Viber data?

A. Call per minute and 240kB per hour This software is made using the typical bandwidth rate of 14MB. People can often prefer is not possible, unlimited data plan costs are also to avoid using Wi-Fi.

Viber messages are stored on the server?

The news is that the encrypted version from various sources was saved on a Viber server. However, no real evidence has been stored on software makers' strong dispute claims and encrypted message servers were sent to the light.

Viber is a global leader in Recutane Group, a global leader in e-commerce and financial services.

Install Free Messenger now and start joining Viber!

User Reviews

User 1: Dear Viber Android 10, When I received a call from another user, the application has always come up with the phone rings menu to reveal I call OT down !!! Sometimes when the phone rings, I get two old Android buttons Viber menu I have to choose what you don't want, and other times. Because I said I didn't get much either. Even though I send the call, try to hang a picture during the annoyance. thank you.

User 2: Thanks for the first point: Black theme. Love it! Now the bad things: when Viber is open, I invite the black Viber against it to cover that super white screen. Second, for a month now, I leave some message notifications. Sometimes you just want the sound and the light to fail to blink, but sometimes there was a message that the notifications panel would see, but I wish I only had new messages when I open Viber. It's not just for me, it becomes a lot of people around me.

User 3: I will solve the message problem if 5 stars. Please, please fix it! The notification displays for a few minutes and then disappears. Until you open the app, you don't know you have a message. Please, I like 5 star Viber. This is not a problem with my settings or my phone if I have seen some good everything. This is done since the last update. 

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