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Ağu 20, 2020

The programs that the JW Library will officially produce by Jehovah's Witnesses. It can be a variety of books and booklets, Bible translation, Bible study. Apps are good as you would expect from an official application of JW, and members will do it safely.

Mark the pages by swiping your finger on the screen to add favorites and added convenience as the application interface allows you to turn pages. There are other features whose history will make your life more inventive. First, it will come back to read the past, while the other gives you the thing to impress you. The JW Library is evidence of Jehovah's Witnesses that the application is primarily intended to ensure the content and polish of surface love.


  • Read the Holy Scriptures New World Translation (2013 revision) and five other Bible translations
  • Use all available Bible versions and footnotes and compare margin references
  • Search the text for words and phrases that appear in the Bible and navigate directly to them
  • Daily text reading
  • Read brochures, books, and Bible studies

Other Features:

The Bible Select from a variety of Bible translations. Compare all verses available in the Bible by one verse number. Use a footnote marker or reference letters attached to the content view.

The map appears on the navigation: left or right to quickly navigate to move your current release. Resume the opening chapter of each locksmith or bookmarks of your reading place. Last access to the content read quick access feature history.

The Bible

• Choose from a variety of Bible translations.
• Compare all Bible versions available by tapping a verse number.
• Footnotes Allocated content with numbers or letters View type.


• Swipe left or quickly navigate right to your current release.
• Place bookmarks of your reading place quickly on the chapter in any verse.
• The power of history to quickly access recent reading material.
• Search for words or phrases in your current release with the task.


• Select the text in the study panel
• New World Support for Scripture Study Translation Version
• Make your study notes, such as
• From the beginning of a new segment to get used to the current assembly meeting material

User Reviews

User 1: How amazing !! This app helps my husband to study both easier and more effective lessons! However? I personally wish the study was actually able to automatically backup the tags to create in the cloud. I understand it will usually be accessible through your devices all day, to provide an account meaning, but it will be amazingly useful. I often manage my phone or tablet and there, if I have made many notes and highlights of things difficult! Thanks !!
User 2: All devices can have the iOS version instead of 1. The layout is similar to the JW library: Hello brothers, do I have two suggestions? I don't need to be easy to use on all iOS types (both operating systems were used to it). 2. Media player If I like it then I don't stop listening to the song with headphones and effects. Once the phone goes to sleep, the music stops.
User 3: Looking .. I could "handle self", was a word in our previous English version, so I tap into a word and not go and see it made. Then I'll go ahead and the English store versions are still a drawback. Then I should try something standard as not the various objects of Jesus, but if I had to choose I could be where I was feeling. It doesn't happen often afterward. Because I have to clear my cache it is something I am missing in my system settings. 32 GB of available disk space.