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Tem 06, 2020

Meet Firefox lite, lightning-fast, and lightweight web browser was designed with you in mind. With only 5 MB protection data speed on Turbo mode and, Firefox Lite brings you exciting online experience exciting. Browse for free on Mozilla. Brought to you by your friends.

A lightweight web browser

This fantastic mini browser takes less than 5 MB, taking shape on your phone.

Lightning surfing at a fast pace

Turbo Mode Promise Light with Fast Firefox Lite Browsing Experience!

Full Page Screenshots

You can hold the entire page cock reading offline on the toolbar. And the website link is stored automatically so you can browse quickly if you want there.

Nature night

To protect your eyes with night mode, read more at night. It also saves the battery a certain lifetime.

Data Store - and cash

Keep track of information pricing, display memories block with turbo position. Want to save even more? Enable image browsing when blocked.

Save phone space

Quickly clear cache directly from the free memory menu. Or in settings with a quick flip, you have to store your money and downloads it directly to an SD card.

Goodbye, stubborn performance

Say goodbye to adverts, to keep ads in place. What matters important is to store more screen space. Note that this is not 100% adblocking.

Own rescue mode in the normal tracker

Worried about your surfing behavior tracked by advertisers or web sites? Firefox always lights up the current standard, blocking protection for a wide range of general web tracker tracking. This feature provides better security than the default browser and brings your privacy to the next level. Do I feel anxious? You can also check how many trackers are blocked in private mode.

Private browsing

Browse without scars. Every password went to a browsing story, enter a private browsing mode while a cookie.

Some tabbed browsing

Appreciate that you want to work with some Firefox Lite approval screen, other multiple tabs and more. Now you can get it anyway. Open the tab you want, or keep it simple.

Download Parallels

You can download multiple files in the background. Save time or when to download many files.

It's right here

Use the search bar and the menu on the bottom edge of the screen at the center of the screen, right at your fingertips, with what you want in a browser, with one hand.

All you need in one place

Read Facebook, YouTube, Email, News, Shopping or use your favorite search engine. All you need on the Internet, you can have easy access to pin websites, and with the Firefox light home screen, you use.

Is Mozilla Firefox Free?

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open-source web browser. Developed and developed by the Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation, Firefox can be downloaded and used by anyone for free. The source code is open to the public. It can be used with third parties to modify and update source code software or make Firefox its own browser independent.

Is Mozilla Firefox Safe?

Since Mozilla Firefox is an open-source, it is somewhat malicious to have it look directly at your source code. So the malicious content was not difficult Firefox itself, but it can also carry you to solve them. It is also phishing and information on the potential risks of malware security to users to check through the feature pages.

Do you follow Mozilla Firefox?

Users have more control over Mozilla Firefox tracking than other browsers. Mozilla Firefox collects your surfing habits that do not prevent one eye feature site. Private browsing mode when default is disabled by this function. That security range can be triggered in the privacy settings.

What is Mozilla Firefox available platform?

Mozilla Firefox is a multi-platform and is only available for both desktop and mobile devices. Desktop version Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems supported. For mobile, it is supported for both Android and iOS, Android with apps and Firefox with Firefox. Data can be synced between the following versions on different devices.

Is Mozilla Firefox Better than Google Chrome?

Both browsers have their strengths and weaknesses. Google Chrome requires faster side and higher security, better loads of privacy protection claims with Mozilla Firefox and less computer equipment. Which of the two browsers is better for the user at full speed or privacy values.

How to import Mozilla Firefox bookmarks?

Mozilla Firefox allows different bookmarks to be imported. Select Add, Toolbar bookmarks can be accessed by clicking on the Library icon in and clicking on the View Bookmark. Select Library windows, Import and Backup, and click Import data from another browser. Select the browser that you need and the Import Wizard captures its data.

Set your home page, such as Mozilla Firefox?

There are two ways to change the Mozilla Firefox home page. In user pages, they can open a new tab with which you want to set them as your homepage. Then they can ask and change the tab on the Firefox toolbar home icon for the confirmation pool. It will be available on the homepage and can be adjusted manually and paste the home page URL.

As Mozilla Firefox add-ons to disable?

Add-ons can disable the menu button or toolbar by removing Mozilla Firefox and add-ons. There are three types of extensions, themes, and add-ons of the Mozilla Firefox plug-in. They can be used from the add-ons menu, and users can get more add-ons they want.

How To Mozilla Firefox Delete Your Cache?

Users can optionally cache a clean manual by going to the Privacy category under the Privacy and Menu. Cookies and Clicks Delete Web Site Data Information area Select the options and the information you want to delete. Alternatively, you can increase the cache when it automatically clears the history setting to set Firefox off.

Where To Find Mozilla Firefox Download?

The download tool can be found in the toolbar by clicking on the down arrow. When activated the download arrow will turn blue. Click on the View All button on the window prompt with a list of all downloads. Right-click on the downloaded file and open quickly select Enter File Folder. 

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  • Improved landscape mode experience - you can now access url and toolbar functions in landscape mode