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7.4.6 cho Android
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Thg2 06, 2020

The best optimization tools with antivirus for Android devices are Clean Master, room cleaner and help keep your phone on you have a safe, clean and virus. CleanMaster can simply improve the performance of the phone, RAM for disk space and now. you can!

As you may have guessed, everything, in particular, has nothing to do with the overuse of applications for smartphone treatment. It comes with many features mentioned earlier that refer to offers. First, it can help get rid of sailing in smartphones. If you use a phone, many sailors should put you on their smartphone without realizing it. While it may be quite a few apps that work, this app can help get rid of the waste that can be turned on.

This app, one of the highlights needs to be believed that it lowers the smartphone's temperature. You are likely to be overheated if there is excessive use. They will simply use your phone without damaging any other batteries without giving careful care. However, this application is actually capable of launching a temperature smartphone. You just have to reduce unnecessary programs to reduce them before operating. It can do this job is no other application.

However, the program comes with its own set of shortcomings that can put it primarily at risk. In this case, it does not run battery strength as all other applications. It's such a nuisance reloaded smartphone that it will be five minutes drained so the power charge detects the speed of the process. In addition, the app can also pedal your phone every time, and eventually, an accident happens. This app is a good feature, right?

Main Features of Clean Master:

Junk Cleaner (Junk Files)

The Clean Master, which is slow on junk from your phone, removes the help space for cache and cache files.

With our professional cleaners, you can also free files for cleaning up social programs without worrying about more space incorrect data.

Free Antivirus

Scanning for viruses on all applications (not installed), or blocks, and removing viruses Virus Protects your phone, test protect your privacy with a Trojan and Clean Master free antivirus engine!

WiFi Security

Clean Master Fake WiFi and WiFi Security Feature Added unauthorized connection detection. Unsafe public WiFi protects your phone.

Mobile Promotion

Help boost Boost Ram's phone free through taps. To raise your phone, you need to know how to do a fast speed test scenario.

Battery saving

Save CleanMaster helps extend battery life by silencing battery performance and running applications.

Sports organizers

With Game Master, you can manage its game, increase the speed of the game, and change the fun more here.

Other features to customize

  • Free master organizational position overcharging shows an application charge messaging during charging.
  • app lock - Reserve allows privacy with an AppLock PIN or pattern.

Application French and 71 downloads APK in total volume You can download and open your favorite file manager, and use the filename established by tapping. If the installation does not start automatically, you will need to enable an unknown source on your Android settings. Some programs such as SuperUser Clean Master, SuperSU, Google Play Services, Super User Updates are fixed, Root Checker, Root Checker, Clean Master File Manager (file transfer). Set up this app for a review and rate our website if you want to write. Our speed of download easily intensifies and provides direct links to all 71 available free clean master bands. 

Clean Master, the world's leading space clean and antivirus programs on Google Play.

We are smart and a clean powerful master is added for ease. These features are additional phone permissions required.

If you are comfortable, your personal information will be collected through Information Protection.

  1. New junk clean engine, clean junk and more connect (requires SMS, contacts, call history, calendar and location permissions)
  2. Interact with the phone on lock screen (New microphone permission is required)
  3. more settings to hone your personal phone

How To use the app

As a complementary app to run, there is nothing difficult or difficult when it comes to using it. When you launch the app in the first place, you choose the service with which you can choose to serve. You can get rid of sailing, get rid of the clean junk option to get your waste. In addition, after using it so much it is freezing your smartphone cold. If you want to complete the scan on your smartphone, then the option for Android is to perform a clean master scan.

What is Clean Master for Android?

Clean Master is an all-in-one software program that, while enabling valuable disk space, power and free-thinking with Android device performance. Those who should consider this product are disappointed with the operating system seriously slow.

Clean Master Android for free download?

Users know that they will be absolutely free to download and be able to install this program. No membership fee or initial payment is required to accommodate any kind.

Clean Master is free from Android viruses and other threats?

Clean Master Interior Fears are operated by Softonic professionals to detect any kind of presence. Only full assurance that those offers and other products can be used, which were later secured.

Will My Personal Information for Clean Master Android Access?

CleanMaster can be easily used on the job times services. It can not be used by absorbing the necessary files of a lot of memory. However, it will not be shared with third-party information. Please read more about knowing the terms.

Are operating systems supported by Clean Master Android?

This program is used in conjunction with Android mobile devices. If you want to have the same software package designed for a different operating system, you can see through the options on Softonic.

What is the latest version of Clean Master Android?

Clean master device varies depending on the latest version that you use. Due to the fact that the individual is different, the Android operating system is mainly required slightly different packages. However, this program is updated at regular intervals.

Android is offered under the Clean Master app?

There are times when you encounter the same native ads with in-app purchases. It will be interesting to present that offer to you with families.

Can An Anti-Virus Package CleanMaster Work Android?

Clean top properties, which make it possible to perform basic scanning viruses. Engine AV has been named one of the best in the Test industry rankings and it comes as a standard option within a larger package.

Will Clean Master Android Extend Your Battery Life?

If you are able to free up additional disk space, your hard disk will not be required if basic services such as internet browsing or much power with an application. Therefore, a clean master's positive impact on your current battery service life. The results are between the devices and the operating system.

Can speed up my process clean android clean master?

You may suffer from sluggish performance speed, clean masterpieces. These are external files, and so far "junk" that can interfere with your current memory. Unlawful disposal of otherwise irrelevant information, you can increase speed performance.

Có gì mới

We are always working to improve Clean Master performance and user experience. Because of you, we are getting better.
  • Add SafeConnect VPN – fast and secure VPN proxy, to protect your online privacy.
  • More powerful scanning and antivirus engine.
  • Optimize product speed and performance.
  • Fix some known bugs.