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Emoji keyboard - Cute Emoticons, GIF, Stickers Apk

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Thg8 04, 2020

Emoji Keyboard is a tool that you can add extra features to the smartphone keyboard. In this way, you will be able to make your appearance of the average mill smartphone keyboard more sophisticated keyboard help ease your daily communication with all your contacts.

Once you open the Emoji keyboard, you will see that it automatically provides your default Android keyboard with this change of option. In the second case, you may need to do this easily thanks to using any additional keyboard.

Through Emoji Keyboard, you will also get easy shortcut access to hundreds of special emoji gestures without adding any other application to your system. On the other hand, you will find a new package of GIFs "sticker" found on your phone and a ton of new themes will be installed. The keyboard is something for everyone to use.

Emoji keyboard, you get even better keyboard to add on your smartphone. Take advantage of the special abilities to layout its fully customizable surface to perfectly suit your needs.

Emoji Keyboard - Supports all kinds of more convenient chat messaging like email, SMS and input emoji everywhere. Share your feelings with your friends via free download emoji keyboard and social groups and SMS.

Emoji Keyboard - Get Stylish Emoji Keyboard supports emoticons like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Smile and Instagram anywhere. You know, send beautiful smiles through social media, families, and groups and messaging. Seamless Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, WeChat, Instagram, Snapchat, Line, Kick, all text-based such IMO, Yahoo SMS and other social With Telegram because of the programs -Media messenger across. Available on all major operating systems and smart devices.

Emoji emoticons Thousands of smiley faces, smileys, stickers, funny GIFs stylish, fashioned, animated themes, packed with fonts, 100% free sound! There will never be assembled wallpapers to collect your personal information and photos.

Advanced Features:

• Switch between normal keyboard and emoji keyboard.

•  Emoji emoticons and smiley

• Best rally support everywhere.

• You help and type emoji in better and funny text messages.

• Full thumb and compact layout.

• Easy input of different types of smileys and emoticons.

• Share smiley stories with your friends and groups.

• Swipe (left / right) more emoticons.

• Swipe for number and the alphabet keyboard (left / right).

• Support English common keyboard and symbol keyboard.

• Share emoji quickly and through social sites.

• Cover with smiley emoticons and special classes.

Fantastic features of emoji keyboard apk:

The special features of the application are as follows:

  • It's easy for another inquisitive experiment
  • You want your keyboard to be a sophisticated Android app with many special locks that make communication easy, its users offer keyboards and all use the Android keyboard and switch.
  • Emoji Keyboard provides its users with hundreds of the latest versions of Android applications using more than emoji.
  • Let that application / its Sticker set and GIF taste and make a certain aspect of providing their users.
  • Emoji Keyboard The ability to create a customized interface for Android application keyboards.

How to activate the emoji keyboard?

  1. Emoji smart Android keyboard enabled
  2. Settings - -> Languages ​​& Keyboards & Emoji Smart Android Keyboard To activate the check first, go to Start.
  3. To use the keyboard, you must change the input method.
  4. Change the text box to Input mode, and select "Hold" "Input Method", then select Emoji Smart Android Keyboard.

Keyboard - Emoji emoticons are a smart, colorful and clear emoji keyboard and GIF for Android keyboards. Wanna way personal keyboard is away, and is it also to your liking you have it? Keyboard GIF GIF Wanna predict? And also do not know how to get emoji? Try out this all-in-one emoji app and you'll love it!

Keyboard - Emoji emoticons Quickly input 3000 Keyboard emoji emoticons, stickers, face to face, more free GIF shades, all social apps directly from FB, Instagram, WhatsApp and emoji apps.

With over 1,000 awesome keyboard themes, writing and auto-correction, fully customizable keyboard paint, wallpapers, fonts and the best GIF emoji Emoji with over 65 languages, keyboard support keyboard stickers, Android. Logging in with the keyboard is ever so fun - Emoji emoticons! Keyboard - Emoji emoticons Support app in shades with emoji and GIF tones! Make the colors more fun!

  • The best Keyboard
  • Featured 200 times on Google Play.
  • Millions from around the world

Emoji Keyboard Features

★ Find out Emoji emoticons GIFs sticker face

  • OS Emoji Extremities, Emoticon, Kaomoji, Stickers
  • Japanese emoticons (1 ° ͜ʖ ͡ °), (ʘ‿ʘ)
  • GIF keyboards directly or thousands of free animated GIFs
  • Emoji emoticons and prediction keyboards match their words
  • Emoji art, emoji, emoji dictionary, emoji answer, emoji ASCII
  • Support finger OS emoji keyboard stickers

★ Excellent personalization features

  • Over 1,000 topics Emoji keyboard for keyboard galaxy
  • Press keys on keyboard voice optimization
  • Keyboard color, font, and wallpaper customization

★ Quick Smart Login with Gesture Typing

  • Auto-correct next-word suggestions and keyboard
  • Keyboard top-line emoji and number and down arrow line
  • Copy, cut and insert the emoticon keyboard directly to Android -

★ Different keyboard layouts

  • QWERTY, QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboards
  • More than 30 language dictionaries
  • Size and split keyboard layout

★ Privacy and security

  • We have never collected any personal information on the board 

★ Quick swipe insertion

Swipe keyboard messages with one hand and enter quick compose. Impress some text glide typing, typing, simple, hard 2017 Speaking of input technology by giving your finger (with injury type) on the best concept of the keyboard. Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, ZTE, LGE customized to officially deliver the world's fastest keyboard device from all devices.

★ Smart auto-correction

Emoji keyboard auto-correction and suggestions are enabled in their language without typing the keys. The automatic fix is ​​to avoid misunderstanding that you are working in conjunction with the phone by writing to know the use of auto-correction text feature confusion.

★ Custom Themes

Wear your favorite topics like your own photos, wallpapers, emoji wallpapers, AppLock image projection pictures. Change theme colors, fonts, font sizes, font colors!

★ Totally free

No paid upgrades or needed app purchases! Pro version is completely free, you lose! Keyboard just a great emoji for Android devices!

★ Different layouts

Different layouts for emoji keyboard phone mode and special QWERTY, QWERTZ, and AZERTY or other layout pad tablet. Resize and split the keyboard layout! A total of custom layouts (one-handed mode and split-screen) to suit your needs!

★ Emoji Search

Choose to see the emoji faucet in the upper left corner, you have the same sense of place on the rich of emoji stickers.

★ IP Movie Stuff

There are more than 1,000 popular movie IPs for girls and boys! For example Lego Batman, Callum Lynch, Assassin's Creed, Doctor Strange, singing, sports stars, etc. Each phone and attractive keyboard themes with emoji background. 

User Reviews

User 1: I love working with this application, but I have a few complaints. First, I asked my own favorite custom themes with photos in your gallery. Every time, but the image disappears and I have to restore it to what kind of annoying it is. Secondly, that's all, I keep at home button connected to the pop-up search app, which is also very annoying. I don't know how to get rid of it as it goes. And yes, I Premium Edition. You are that weird, thank you answer

User 2: This is a very good program, honestly. I love the endless customization of the layout, and the fact that they have a nice little face to interface and the ability to use it runs terribly with a lot of boards that make it. Number one application. Not to mention there is less to say, So you do not need to say pay for it and set it abreast with the same or boring.

User 3: I think many phones are popping up because I can't remove it right over the keyboard, where you can't write it hard for 10 years and make today look, this app has it and I add little X-less open-ended errors every time I add, When I tried it, but the search button is removed, I accidentally opens Chrome and Chrome, while there you will find it too frustrating for a complicated re-open. You try once again. 

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