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1.174.2 cho Android
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Thg3 20, 2020

Forge of Empires releases InnoGames, based on imaginative strategy game developers, providing access to our successful strategy browser game, End Elvenar in the summer of 2012, providing online strategy game, cross-platform as well as Android.

Download Forge of Empires and install is free. However, some sports features can also be purchased for real money. If you prefer, please do not use this feature, please disable in-app purchase in device settings. A network connection is required.

Most of us can play a variety of games for games and mobile devices on our smartphones. To play strategy in our smartphones, we like some of the best games. In this article, we will talk about Android, one of the best strategy games for the market. InnoGames GmbH Developer APK Forge of Empires is the best strategy game developed by Android. But the strategy game takes a lot of time to update the various components.

To continue the game, your kingdom needs this amazing game-based state in its history and upgrades to make Android on a market leader in the state and new era of technology. Also, there is a way you can use Android devices, modify game Forge of Empires, remove upgrade time. In this article, we invite you to install and talk about the latest APK Forge of Empires in your Android.

Forge of Empires APK is a powerful player in the strategic game Forge for their renewal of resources and Android will. There is no need to download any use of the third-party app store in your Android malicious applications and uninstall it. It always uses any antivirus before installing your video files and you can still scan your Android device for malicious risk installing it at risk of installing it.


- Developed their city and from the Stone Age to modern times (and so on).

- New technology and development for new buildings and goods

- Building Supply Manufacturer Goods

- Fiji, Maldives and trade exchanges with its neighbors

- Discover new territories and provinces and control their reward in your hands

- Use call or war search by region

What's new

Our scary Halloween event continues!

- Collect many small quest lines open scary awards on November 5th!

- Exchange special tools to make your way through candy and dusty old library.

- This update includes various bug fixes and tweaks for the game.

Thanks for the Empire Drama Forge!

Có gì mới

The third of our Cultural Settlements starts on March 18th: The Ancient Egypt!
  • Be victorious in ancient battles to obtain loot for your productions and use them to build up your Settlement.
  • Train 5 different unit types to aid you in Siege Camp battles against enemy leaders.
  • Finish Egypt quests to gain a limited amount of impediment removal kits.
  • Collect brand new buildings as rewards for finishing the settlement: Royal Bathhouse & Ancient Obelisk.