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106.6 MB
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0.181.0 cho Android
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Thg7 10, 2020

Pokémon Go is an app based on the universal world-famous game. The app allows you to connect with other educators by adding or sending gifts to meet friends in a new Friendship level system. Each of these three stages opens up a bonus. You deal with other trainers Pokémon. This app is so popular it has 800 million more downloads. So they think! Vibrations Pokémon are seen as a sign smartphone. Take off in a poke and seek to throw quickly.

Go Android, replace the latest in the latest Pokemon version

- Applied Pokémon are now determined among their Pokémon Trainer to battle their team leader (Candela, Blanche, or Sparks) for an attack and defense ability to learn the most about Pokémon to assess the situation.

- Held LHP that defeated Pokemon firmly on an error; The Pokémon has now gone Pokémon to return unconscious. Stay tuned, as we are working on training combat balance.

Minor Boats Fix

As a new generation of Pokémon games, Pokémon Go was probably a closed beta recently, and Pokémon Go and Google are finally storing more games for some countries this month (AU, New Zealand). Sometimes you can download the latest version of Pokemon Go APK APKPure.

With Pokemon Go, Pokemon fans can be found in a whole new world on Android devices via Pokemon cameras. Keep physical Pokemon Go, with information, merchandise capable of finding and fighting the desire. Meet Virtual Reality Pokemon Go, you're ready for a fantastic tour experience today! Join Pokemon Go.

Note: Download Pokémon and go play, but free can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use Tasks, contact password protection for the player purchased through your Google Play Store App (AU and New Zealand) Play. Smartphone tablets can be played in Pokémon (except, Android N) game Android 4.4 or lower. Need a network connection when you try to activate at any time to catch Pokemon on GPS

Pokemon Go Features:

  • You can find cool and useful articles and sports equipment just for the amount of different Pokemon you have. Focus on these creatures to find their natural environment so that you will find them to be creative and careful.
  • Pokémon will search Pokédex complete. You know, kids can grow fish even more. Watch your life, help them become bigger and stronger.
  • Take part in the big gym battle. Put one to fight and join the team to win.
  • The owner of the deadly attack was victorious. You can work with 20 other players in this difficult mission. The victory brings the opportunity to catch the extra power of Pokemon on their own.

Có gì mới

NEW! Special fourth-anniversary boxes will be available in the in-app shop. Check out the Special Box, Ultra Box, and Adventure Box to see what items you can get.
You'll soon be able to enjoy the following changes!
  • Gift stickers: Add a special sticker to the Gifts you send to make your friends’ day.
  • Invite friends to a raid regardless of where they are: Up to five friends can join you.
  • Niantic Social: Use this new feature to see which of your friends are online.
  • Bug fixes