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2.38.3 cho Android
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Thg12 19, 2019

Access includes a hugely popular location-based, augmented reality adventure game where you attack and play for a group and your team captures portals. Portal moves around the area appear on sites of importance. It's an endless game where all the people in the virtual world. Control to play.

Two fractions are released and resisted. To start, you must choose one of them. Attractive thing for attacking portals that have XM or energy that you need to collect in order to catch them, they can be used for various tasks such as loading on portals or putting other elements.

For capture attack or portal, you will go into the real world. Gray means, lights are not covered for green or blue or color-coded resistance portals. Hold or portal service, you can install up to 8 Replicator. In addition to the Replicator, you can also link other products such as Link Amplifier, Portal Shield, etc. Portal an area that controls your group setting the most important activity after adding three portals. The larger the links, the higher the score that you contribute to your group.

There are different types of weapons and tools that you need to collect while you are elsewhere. Each room has special powers and resources for a particular game. As you play the show on the level more powerful abilities and weapon options have thus become a stronger player.

Attacking the portal is quite difficult and technical. The energy portal depends on the resonator installed with the other weapons level. So before you go, you need to attack, successfully neutralize and to get to them you really need XM and enough weapons. You can play both groups for communication with other players through the chat interface.

Overall, a very fun and addictive game. Location-based game, it's for moving. Although it's not entirely clear gameplay is quite unique. You have to make it play with all aspects of a strong entrance familiar. If you are a tourist, you should definitely try to force this game to explore because it enters your home and new places. This download plays completely free to advertise at nothing and no cost. Everything is completely free.

The world is your game

They gather around and interact with a variety of important public art installations, monuments and you establish cultural attractions, as valuable tools to explore the world with your entry scanner.

Select a page

You group. Harness is truly our true destiny XM wakes up to discover the battle for humanity and the human race with belief in the power of defense or hostile takeover protection.

The tax war

The dominating areas in the portal and control panel won for his team.

Working with

Communicate with strategy and their agents and fellow agents around the world.

Age agents (for residents outside the European Economic Area) are over 13 years; Or 16 years old and the country means the old residence consent to the processing of personal information (for European Economic Area residents). Unfortunately, there are no kids playing curry.

User Reviews

User 1: The game is stuck. I am wifi or disabled information phone or hack at the moment. I'm trying to make a point to hack the Sojourner badge 3 times per day (at least with minimal effort), and I can't do it, for the last 14 days. So when I'm hacking, and the things that they add to my list Can't count it hack, so I kept the brand around my list level in plenty of 1975. The game is just train and extremely slow. I don't miss the old scanner.

User 2: Prime terrible than log original. I don't really play when the prime minister we were supposed to play with. Awesome interface, the leading automaker provides sometimes there is no connection, or throw me a link. This is a great game because of the shame of entry. But if I didn't really play with us, this god was forced to switch to a strong Prime interface.

User 3: About Animation In the presentation of no visible keyframes efforts being a criterion, good quality images, it would be nice to have a nice half of the bus rather than the actual picture of the portal. To create a horizontal scroll button in a modified test. Game Accumulate a lot. It's often an unresponsive order. Many go in attack mode, once the enemy gives itself a burster fire in its place. Thank you