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15.7 MB
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6.79.01r21423-b86e579235 cho Android
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Thg3 27, 2020

9gag is a fantastic picture and funny quote for people and Android users want to visit a fantastic application that is developed for. 9gag content that they laugh in public. You can now download and install your Android smartphone at 9gag.

What are the symptoms? This app is a simple and fun app that can be downloaded quickly. There's also unlimited fun on your phone and makes you laugh every time. In addition, you can connect with millions of 9GAGGers around the world, too. So, it is now, or you can follow below to get a direct download link.


  • Fast time load allows you to scroll effortlessly without the user. With this app, you do not need to have a good time and wait for a laugh.
  • 9gag in your pocket is just a wonderful time. Also, 9gag services anywhere and anytime. Be in the bathroom in the classroom or in the gym, you just won't get bored.
  • Art is to share the first trending of your content with your state of the art nipples, your friends or frenemies. Provides content sharing of WhatsApp, Instagram, IGTV Facebook users, e-mail requests.
  • Who watch for the show, while smiling at those who develop a belly look. Your D9gag app is beginning to be a healthy dose of laughter to start the day.
  • It helps you connect with millions of users around the world. With them, you can eat about a relationship, games, anime or even talk about a topic like this.
  • The Vote and Comment service defines the fun of creating a new one. Choose what needs to be ruled in a physical world with these functions.
  • With options anonymous when you upload content that their parents may not know.
  • A safe way to make their content go viral. Facebook with its 305 million fans and 30 million followers on Instagram and IGTV; is an opportunity to create a world of fame.
  • And with new features like video uploads, just start your specific content on the 9gag app.

What is new

- Push notification on top display Android 8.0 or not hard

- Fixed video / GIFs do not play on Android 4.x.

- Fixed possible crash when they tap on the search icon

- Network optimization for video

- More pointed swipe image refusing to handle

- Video merge is the video section 

Có gì mới

  • Fixed ads get focused while scrolling in list