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93 MB
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2.440.408152 cho Android
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Thg7 20, 2020

Roblox is a multiplayer online game (MMO) on a large scale, in which you can create your own blocks world through all kinds of use. They can be created and included in the management of other users of the world.

Fully touchscreen control Roblox fit. The game is easy to see, get inside, and move your character to perform various tasks around the map. You can make your character, and it has to adapt to a completely unique look.

With a rare variation of gameplay, the Roblox game was made to style on Android, which can be preferred by the creator. As a result, there are about 14 species and those who play. They are RPG, FPS, action, action, and many more. What can be done to play the game on a smartphone on Android requires a specific account on the official website page. At a glance, this game reminds us of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Not only is this scene and gameplay, but in this game, it is more varied with the same control of FPS games on smartphones. Unless people have a good internet connection, they can do it without thinking. Describe the good internet connection and the tools needed to play this game. Gameplay, it focuses on the creativity of the players. Graphics and audio, you do not expect it too much.

The amateur game will be provided with a full color of the classic game and graphics as the blocky scene dropped. In addition, a kind of noise and mass production because some of the games do not have the same tone meaning, but they do not sound bad. The game also provides a level of security. They are good at treating inappropriate chat, thinking content and getting rid of it

For children under 13, there will be some restrictions that they can communicate with. They also provide a web page for your kids to worry about yet.


  • How to design your own game you want without difficulty
  • Features can make more diverse athletes and things
  • The security level is not for players, especially at the age of 13


  • If the Internet connection is poor, or below, the game cannot be played.
  • This tablet does more screen because of the chat block smartphone. It does not seem proportional.


  • Play with your friends Paintball
  • Run a pizza shop
  • Explore other galaxies
  • For enemy planes
  • Pirates of War
  • Race opponents through the obstacle course
  • Fighter Zombies
  • Participate in a fashion show
  • Hang out with your friends in a virtual club


  • Massive multi-player gaming platform
  • Thousands of games to choose from
  • Custom sign
  • Active messaging and chat features
  • Purchase in a free, ready-to-download app for free download

Explore millions of the world

In order not to play an epic role in the mood for adventure? Do you want to compete against rivals around the world? Or do you just want to chat online with staff and their friends? The growing library of the world community has always meant something new and exciting to play every day.

You play together every time, if everywhere

Go have fun. Roblox has full cross-platform support available, which means it can play with millions of your friends and mobile devices for others on the computer, Xbox or VR headsets.

BE can imagine anything

Creative and showcase your own style! Customize your avatar with hats, shirts, face, tools and tons. Look at the growing elements of the list, there is no limit to what you can create.

Chat with friends

Chat features in the world related to personal messages and groups with friends!

How To Play

If people play some problems in this game, here are a few things. When parents have time to play games for their children, they can use the child's site to control attention and secure chat status can be accessed for positive news, educational value, language use, and therefore access to many aspects of the focus. General Chat Chat Lounge For players, use a few fun things to see if we still don't know the trick.

See the full moonwalk. This can be done by pressing the up arrow keys + there are also broken ninja masks effect. Get the Bear Character protective head or the circular head. Wear this with a ninja mask and you will see the difference. They carry explosion bags to make a paper bag after a circular head, to see the same effect.

User Reviews

User 1: I've played this game for years already, but the experience has gotten worse. Time is so I need to continue the game, but it takes time, you have to choose a game. Even when the fault camera sensitivity, some games are very fast and play hard. So you should add a camera sensitivity option for mobile. Other than that, it's good.

User 2: It's really good, but when you're playing Roblox in the phone, your battery power may take on that they just have a lot to improve playing time and prevent plenty of improvement, which is why we do have to It's a very good game, and I'm 5 stars because it's really good, and it's a requirement that we can write numbers game? Please!

User 3: All three Stress about this game because it takes up a lot of space on my Chromebook. It's a little slow and some people are a bit average and it wasn't just a great game because of the variety and fun of the opportunity for you and their kids to play with others around interact.

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To make Roblox work better for you, we deliver updates regularly. These updates include bug fixes and improvements for speed and reliability. We’ll be sure to highlight any new features in this section when new features become available!