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Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location APK

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98.5 MB
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1.2 cho Android
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Thg9 19, 2019

Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location is a point-and-click survival horror game. The game is available for Android devices available for download.

These new characters, new places, and new fears. They will work in the future circus and make sure the animatronics show will be shot the next day. There are 8 different animatronics and rooms, as well as various mini-games depending on the many different nights available. Players had animatronic contact with the characters in the game.

Features of Five Nights at Freddy’s-Sister Location

The exciting features of the game are five days later on which you have to download Freddy's-Sister Hotel APK.

  • This is a great simulation game.
  • Takes on the pizza world.
  • Real fun with your family at Pizzeria.
  • Improved catering brings pizza.
  • Circus kids and gangs are also featured in this game.
  • Including late-night technicians.
  • Video and sound quality are excellent.

Sister location is what to expect

Five Nights at Freddy's Reasons for People, the game is surprisingly easy. As good as everything is a small studio game, it's not an interesting mechanic to cut down on graphical elements or companies with a big brand name.

You play as a night watchman at a children's restaurant with Freddie Fazbear Pizza, an animatronic bear mascot. Live these life shapes and sing dances for children ... but at night, they are even more terrifying. The restaurants burn by killing their hearts. They think it will be easy to avoid capturing them, but the problem is that your power supply can't meet all the cameras and immediately all the doors are locked. Sooner or later, leading a notorious ... FNaF jump is to scare!

At first glance, Freddy is the new face

The game continues to be a popular mechanic, highlighted by a first look at HUD to see this match. Another restaurant or fashion site, but the name of the game developer Scott Cothan's movement is undoubtedly displayed on the sleeves.

Five Nights at Freddy's to build the scholarship behind the infamous game of hidden secrets and hints. Even in a movie that is a book, it is probable that the sister hotel property Freddy will explore in the world solid.

Graphics, video, both a step up yet show the complexity and artistic quality. It's a game, so it's hard to tell which is shrouded in shadows, but animatronics is more polygonal than ever. The trunk and the dark atmosphere, yet precisely fixed and shimmering with classic horror ornaments as scary characters to play.

In fact, this rate is unknown based on a series of clown girl, whose identity and relationship with Freddie as the new animatronic killer. Probably a sister figure in the works, but one thing she's not sure of is your friend.

Make or break for a Franchise

Four titles and RPGs were released just before that with a new five-night Orgy title just like Freddie's. The fans of the game Freddy will introduce new mechanics and introduce interesting things to make sure things get interesting with this title.

Since these games are usually low, you may be the latest in just a related game at Sister Hotel. Hopefully, this episode series will keep him alive, but Mark doesn't repeat the consideration.